buy 2020 Donkey Jackass Yoga Wall Calendar

2020 Donkey Jackass Yoga Wall Calendar

Spend the entire year of 2020 with a fun Donkey Jackass Yoga Wall Calendar perfect for the home, office or a student at school.

In the Jackass Yoga calendar you will see large realistic images on each month of a donkey. Each month the donkey is in a different yoga pose, there is something funny yet so soothing about these images.

This Donkey Jackass yoga calendar features alot of room on each day for you to add events, holidays or appointments. Also the calendar has all of the major holiday and event dates pre printed for you.

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buy Donkey Sticker

Donkey Sticker

Now there is this cool Donkey Sticker.

The sticker is die cut and on it you can see a photo of a donkey and this is a vinyl sticker which makes it perfect for on almost any flat surface like your laptop, binder, window, or what ever you can come up with.

So if you like donkeys and would like to show it off then adding a fun sticker like this is a great idea.

And the donkey on the sticker really looks ready for a new home and you can give it that by just sticking it on a flat surface.

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