buy Peacock Feather Dress

Peacock Feather Dress

Peacock Feather Dress

With this dress you can own the room!

The black bodice lends itself perfectly to the pallet on which the peacock feather design adorns the knee length casual dress.

Made of a comfortable poly cotton blend fabric this dress contains just enough stretch to be comfortable and still retains it’s shape.

Available in two color schemes, indigo blue with gold peacock feathers, or a royal purple and a lime green design, both color schemes travel from the hem to the waist with slight embellishments above the waist.

This dress is loose fitting and ultra comfortable to wear on hot sultry nights or can be accessorized with the proper heels and shawl for elegant evening wear.

Toss this simple, yet stylish sleeveless dress into your overnight bag and you will be prepared to dazzle immediately upon arrival at your destination.

So get ready to dress up in your Peacock Feather Dress.

buy Butterfly Print Cotton Dress

Butterfly Print Cotton Dress

Butterfly Print Cotton Dress

If you are looking for the perfect elegant yet casual dress here it is.

This dress has alot of very nice design, the focal point is the large beautiful butterfly on the front colored in with absolutely gorgeous violet and pink roses. The bottom portion of this dress has a zebra like design that really compliments the butterfly.

Made from 100% cotton this dress has short sleeves and comes in a one size fits most, approximate measurements are Bust:102cm and Length:71cm.

Made by Gamiss when you see this dress you can almost paint the picture of a rose filled garden with a butterfly that landed on a zebra, this is perfect for the country bumkin or add a few sexy accessories and it is for the city girl.

Get into your Butterfly Print Cotton Dress.