buy Giraffe Christmas Shower Curtain

Giraffe Christmas Shower Curtain

This Christmas you can have a giraffe shower curtain made for the holidays.

On this shower curtain, you can see a long-necked giraffe and around its body and long neck you can see Christmas lights all in a long string and to make it even more like a Christmas tree the giraffe is holding a tree topper star in his mouth.

This Christmas shower curtain is made from 100% softened polyester and is 69 x 70 inches and has 12 strong eyelets for you shower hooks.

Just make your bathroom festive by adding a giraffe Christmas shower curtain like this one.

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buy Giraffe Christmas Leggings

Giraffe Christmas Leggings

If you like giraffes and want some fun leggings for Christmas then you want these giraffe Christmas leggings.

These women’s leggings are green and covered in Christmas presents and a bunch of images of a white giraffe wearing a wreath around its long neck.

You can get these giraffe leggings in women’s sizes 0 – 16 and these fun leggings are made in Canada from 88% polyester and 12% spandex making them great to wear with enough stretch.

What better to wear under a Christmas sweater than a pair of giraffe Christmas leggings like these. It will be sure that people will notice these fun leggings at the Christmas party this year.

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buy Giraffe Print Spatula

Giraffe Print Spatula

Animal prints are cool and this kitchen spatula has a giraffe print making it perfect for baking in your kitchen.

The spatula has a brown handle and the top is giraffe print so that it’s clear that you like giraffes and a little bit of animal print.

The spatula is heat resistant up till 600F and the top is printed silicone.

Giraffe cookies or any baking that needs a spatula this giraffe spatula is what your kitchen deserves so come get yours before it is too late.

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buy Giraffe Adult Coloring Book

Giraffe Adult Coloring Book

Now there is an adult coloring book all about giraffes.

This coloring book has 40 different giraffes in it all on single sided pages that can be removed and single sided also means no bleed through.

On each page, you will find one giraffe without a background image so that you can make the animal really stand out the way you like.

And as you can remove the pages you can do all kind of things with it too when you are done coloring. Maybe frame them and hang them in your home or give them to friends as gifts.

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buy Sophie La Giraffe So Pure Teether

Sophie La Giraffe So Pure Teether

There is Sophie a cute giraffe teether for kids.

And yes this is a toy kids should be putting in their mouth as it helps their teeth come out and that means less pain and suffering for you little one.

Sophie is a giraffe and has an edge on it with edges witch will help the teeth.

It’s just an adorable giraffe that smiles at anyone and a toy like this is going to be loved by the little once and with that it also helps them without them knowing.

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buy Giraffe Toilet Brush

Giraffe Toilet Brush

Now there is a giraffe toilet brush to help you with the cleaning of your toilet.

Most toilet brushes are just plain boring and ugly but if you like giraffes then this brush is just what you will like.

The toilet brush is orange and looks like the long neck of a giraffe with it’s head on the top. And yes even the brush is orange and they will be hidden from view when you are not cleaning so that it will look cute next to your toilet bowl.

Just imagine your giraffe decorated washroom now with a toilet brush that looks like your favorite animal.

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buy Giraffe Silhouette Power Bank

Giraffe Silhouette Power Bank

No need to ever run out of power again because this giraffe power bank can keep your devices going even when power is low.

We all know that phones, tablets and other devices can run out of power and it always happens when you are not ready for it.

This power bank will be your bests friend as you can have it ready in your bag for when you almost run out of power. The battery pack offers 4000 mAh of power and comes with charging wires so that you don’t even have to bring those.

And on the front of this power bank you can see an orange background with on that a black silhouette of 3 giraffes witch makes this power pack a lot more personal and fun.

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buy Red Giraffe Tote Bag

Red Giraffe Tote Bag

Animal lovers will adore this modern giraffe print tote! Soft but sturdy spun poly-poplin create a lovely texture with durability.

The gorgeous colored design is on both sides of the bag. The strong strap is 100% cotton and one inch wide, providing comfortable support.

A beautiful peach coloured background provides warmth to the geometrical placement (every orientation of ninety degrees) of the stylized giraffes, who stand in pairs, face to face, almost kissing. (Do giraffes call this ‘necking’?)!

A convenient 33x33cm this bag will become your favourite accessory!

Pick this up for a great “pick me up”! Fashion and function meet.

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buy Giraffe Wearing A Helmet T-Shirt

Giraffe Wearing A Helmet T-Shirt

The giraffe on this t-shirt is up to something as it is wearing a helmet.

You can get this giraffe t-shirt in styles for the whole family so that men, women and kids can enjoy wearing it.

On the t-shirt you can see a circle and in that circle you can see the giraffe’s head and a bit of it’s neck and the giraffe is wearing a green helmet that seems to be made for this kind of animals as it has cutouts for it’s ears. If you look closely you can also see red stripes on the giraffe’s paint like it is wearing war paint.

All in all a fun looking t-shirt that is available in many cool colors so that you can get the color you want to wear most.

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buy Giraffe Latex Face Mask

Giraffe Latex Face Mask

Always wanted to know how you would look as a giraffe? This mask will make you look just like the long necked animal.

The giraffe mask just goes over your head and then you look amazing. Of course it works even better if you had a long neck but unfortunately that is not included.

This latex animal mask is one size fits all and yes that does include adults.

Halloween, cosplay or a day at the zoo this giraffe mask will make you look stunning and maybe even better then without the mask.

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