buy 10000mAh Pig Power Bank

10000mAh Pig Power Bank

If you need power for your phone and you like pigs then you should check out this pig power bank.

The pig power bank is available in 3 colors blue, white, and pink. The power bank has two USB port in the nose of the pig of which one is a 1 amp port and the other is 2 amp and the on off switch on the bottom also acts as a charge indicator so that you know it ready to go.

Now you will have your phone and other USB devices when a power port is not available and that will give you peace of mind.

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buy Cute Cat Power Bank

Cute Cat Power Bank

If you need power on the go then you just have to check out this cat power bank.

The power bank looks amazing as it is shaped in a real nice way and is available in white or black. The power bank has a capacity of 10.000mAh and has the ports on the back.

The USB charging port is 2.1 amp making it possible to charge your device faster than most and the cute ears of the cat also are a battery indicator so that you know how full your cat is.

A cat power bank is great to have ready so that you never have to run out of power again.

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buy Baby Hedgehog Power Bank

Baby Hedgehog Power Bank

If you like hedgehogs and need power for your smartphone then this hedgehog power bank is what you need.

This is a 10400 mAh power bank and that is enough power to charge your phone a couple of times and even enough to charge a tablet. And this power bank has 3 USB ports so that you can charge multiple devices at once.

On top of the power bank, you find an adorable photo of a baby hedgehog and that makes this the most perfect power bank you have seen.

You can choose to have the power bank shell in white or in black to make it a bit more personal for you.

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buy Personalized Tiger Power Bank

Personalized Tiger Power Bank

Now your phone does not have to ever run out of power again because of this tiger power bank.

Just take this 4000 mAh power bank where ever you go and you are prepared to charger your devices on the go.

The front of the power bank is orange and has a picture of the head of a tiger on it and below it there is room for your message. The example says “Terry’s Power” but it can say where ever you want from your name to just power bank the options are limitless and it is personalized at no extra cost.

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buy Giraffe Silhouette Power Bank

Giraffe Silhouette Power Bank

No need to ever run out of power again because this giraffe power bank can keep your devices going even when power is low.

We all know that phones, tablets and other devices can run out of power and it always happens when you are not ready for it.

This power bank will be your bests friend as you can have it ready in your bag for when you almost run out of power. The battery pack offers 4000 mAh of power and comes with charging wires so that you don’t even have to bring those.

And on the front of this power bank you can see an orange background with on that a black silhouette of 3 giraffes witch makes this power pack a lot more personal and fun.

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