buy Silver Shark Earrings

Silver Shark Earrings

If you like sharks and need some nice jewelry then you have to check out these silver shark earrings.

The earrings will make amazing looking sharks just dangle from your ears.

And the sharks have a body that has a Celtic knot on it and that gives it an even nicer design.

The shark earrings are marked .925 silver and are nickel free.

You can always wear these shark earrings and make for a great gift too and don’t forget to wear them with shark week.

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buy Cat Ears And Paws Ring

Cat Ears And Paws Ring

If you like cats and jewelry then you should check out this cat ears and paws ring.

The sterling silver ring is open on the bottom as that is where the cats paws are with the paw prints on the inside while you can see the top of the paw on the ouside. On the top the ring shows the cats ears and together it really looks amazing.

And as the 925 sterling silver ring is open on the bottom you can adjust the size so that it will fit your perfectly.

And this cat ring makes for the perfect present to as it comes in a gift box.

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buy Untamed Spirit Wolf Ring

Untamed Spirit Wolf Ring

If you like wolfs and would like a special ring then check out this wolf ring.

The ring is made from stainless steel with the wolf head on top that has genuine black sapphires as eyes. Inside the wolf ring, you find the text “Untamed Spirit” engraved and that makes it perfect as a present.

You can get this wolf ring in sizes 8 – 15 and it does come in half sizes too and it is packaged in a nice ring box making it the perfect present for the leader of your pack or just any wolf lover.

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buy Lion King Of The Jungle Pendant And Necklace

Lion King Of The Jungle Pendant And Necklace

If you want to show the world the king of the jungle then you need this lion pendant necklace.

The necklace is a 30 inches long shark tail chain and on it, you will find an 18K gold plated pendant off  the head of a lion and this lion is wearing a crown that has fake diamonds on them so he has to be the king of the jungle and even the clasp that connects it to the necklace has the same sparkly stones on them to make it all look really amazing.

This is a special piece of jewelry for anyone that likes to show off his gold and shows the world who is the king here.

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buy Blue Swan Pendant Necklace

Blue Swan Pendant Necklace

The swan is delicate and magical, the perfect accent for a piece of jewelry like this is Swarovski crystals.

The pendant is a swan that features a large blue crystal for the body while smaller blue crystal line the wings and neck. Set for an eye is a white crystal and another blue crystal on top of the head. The back is engraved with the word “LOVE”.

The pendant also come with a very nice chain link necklace that is 18 inches in total length and has a lobster claw clasp.

In addition to this amazing pendant and necklace it comes in a very elegant and beautiful gift box, this is the perfect gift for someone special from Valentines day to mothers day.

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buy Heart Of A Lion Men’s Ring

Heart Of A Lion Men’s Ring

If you want a nice ring then check out this men’s lion ring.

The ring is made from stainless steel and is 24K gold plated with two black sapphires for the lion’s eyes.

The ring shows the amazing features of a male lion all around a nice men’s ring and inside it is engraved with the text “Heart Of A Lion”.

You can get this lion ring in ring sizes 8 – 15 and it does come in half sizes too.

If you want a special piece of jewelry then this ring is perfect and it makes for a nice gift to as it comes in a gift box.

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buy Sterling Silver Squirrel Earrings

Sterling Silver Squirrel Earrings

If you like squirrels and want some fun earrings then you came to the right place as we have some fun squirrel earrings.

This women’s jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver and comes in a velvet pouch and that makes it perfect for a fun present.

The squirrel earrings are dangle earrings so that the little critters can move around while you move your head and the squirrels just look adorable with their big tales and the posture like they would be eating some food.

So if you want earrings and like squirrels then you can stop looking as there silver squirrels would love to be hanging on your ears.

Get your Sterling Silver Squirrel Earrings

buy Welsh Corgi Ring

Welsh Corgi Ring

Now you can have a corgi where ever you go as this is a ring that looks like a cute dog.

The ring shows a Welsh corgi that wraps around your finger and it just will stare at you all day long.

You can get this dog ring in silver and gold tones so that you can get the jewelry that fits you best.

Just imagine the attention you will get when other dog lovers like you see you finger and the cute dog that is just holding own with it’s paws.

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buy Red Panda Face Earrings

Red Panda Face Earrings

Now you can wear some cute red panda earrings and if you like this red animal then you should come and check these out.

These are stud earrings with on the end a round shape with on that the face of a red panda looking around in the world you live in.

Besides the panda faces the earrings are made from plated silver and they are great for your ears.

Special animal jewelry is hard to find so if you want a red panda in your ears then these earrings are something your should really think about.

Get your Red Panda Face Earrings

buy Swimming Sharks Black Ring

Swimming Sharks Black Ring

If you would like a shark ring then you came to the right spot as this black ring is exactly that.

This stainless steel ring is black plated and has swimming sharks engraved in them and those sharks are chrome in color as that is the color of the steel below the plating. With these sharks on the ring you will look amazing.

And this shark jewelry is available in many ring sizes ranging from 5 – 15 and the shark band comes in a gift box so that you can surprise yourself or a friend with one.

Get your Swimming Sharks Black Ring

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