buy Lion Plush Hat With Attached Gloves

Lion Plush Hat With Attached Gloves

The lion plush hat is a great way to show everybody that you love lions. And an added bonus is the scarf and gloves attached.

The hat portion is a plush winter style hat that looks just like a lions head. Along with fuzzy mane, cute face, and ears. Attached to the hat is a long scarf on each side that turns into gloves or lion paws.

One size fits most plush hat, the lion hat is perfect for winter, summer or even make it into a costume for Halloween or dress-up parties.

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buy Rainbow Lion Notebook

Rainbow Lion Notebook

Now there is this fun looking Rainbow Lion Notebook.

This is a spiral notebook with the option of graph or lined paper and it will have 120 pages.

On the front of the notebook, you can see a nice image of a lion and it is mainly in tow tones but this male lion is a bit of a queen as it’s manes are in rainbow colors and he even has some colors going on around the eyes.

It is just fun to see a male lion wearing the rainbow colors and if you like it too then it could be great to add this notebook to your school or work supplies and it is great to have lying around the house too because you always need some paper to write on.

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buy Santa Lion Christmas Sweater

Santa Lion Christmas Sweater

This Christmas you can be dressed in style by wearing this Santa lion Christmas sweater.

The ugly Christmas sweater is green and has Christmas decorations on them on both the front and the back and then on the front you can see a very special Santa Claus as it is a lion with a white beard and hair and a red Santa hat.

It is an amazing looking holiday sweater that is really different and that makes it really special.

You can get your lion Christmas sweater in sizes Small – 2XL and it is an unisex design so it will look great on both men and women.

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buy Lion Swim Shorts

Lion Swim Shorts

If you like feel like the king of the jungle and are ready for a swim then do so in these lion swim shorts.

These men’s shorts are available in many sizes and on these swim shorts you will find the head of a giant male lion and it is staring ahead of you probably to the pool as it really like to go for a swim.

The lion swim trunks has a elastic waistband with a drawstring so that your shorts will fit perfectly on you.

So if you like something more interesting then just plain color shorts then this lion swimwear could be perfect for your visit to the beach.

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buy Lion Inside Mug

Lion Inside Mug

Now you can have a nice mug for your coffee that shows an animal because this is a lion inside mug.

The mug is red on the outside and made from ceramic, the inside of the mug is white and on the bottom of the mug you will find a 3D lion head that will normally be hiding below you coffee but when you start drinking the male lion is showing it’s face.

It’s a great mug for everyday use or to keep for special occasion like serving your friends coffee in it when they are visiting without knowing what is hiding below the surface.

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buy Christmas Lion Mug

Christmas Lion Mug

Christmas will never be the same all thanks to this Christmas lion mug.

Normally Christmas and lions are not something heard in one sentence but now you will thanks to this amazing mug.

The white ceramic mug shows a male lion on it and the king of the jungle is wearing a red Santa Claus hat and that is kinda fun and strange at the same time.

You can get this lion mug in 11 and 15 oz versions so that you can choose the right size for your Christmas morning coffee.

A mug like this is a must have and it will last a long time as you will only use it a couple days a year.

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buy Lion Of The Sea T-Shirt

Lion Of The Sea T-Shirt

If you want an amazing lion t-shirt then you should be checking this lion of the sea t-shirt.

The t-shirt is yellow in color and unisex so it is perfect for both men and women and it comes in sizes XSmall – 2XL.

The t-shirt looks like the sea with a giant wave coming up and the end of the wave looks like the head of a male lion and that makes his manes become the wave leading back to the ocean and that is pretty cool.

A big cat on your t-shirt is what is amazing and so you should be checking this t-shirt out so that know for sure you want it.

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buy Painted Lion T-Shirt

Painted Lion T-Shirt

Now there is a lion t-shirt you just need to wear.

On the t-shirt, you can see the face of a sad looking male lion but to make it looks a bit cooler it is covered in dripping paint and even the sleeves and back as part of the design making this a cool and colorful king of the jungle t-shirt.

You can get this t-shirt in sizes XSmall – 2XL and it is a unisex shirt so both men and women can enjoy wearing it and it is as soft as cotton while being made from 100% polyester.

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buy Lion King Of The Jungle Pendant And Necklace

Lion King Of The Jungle Pendant And Necklace

If you want to show the world the king of the jungle then you need this lion pendant necklace.

The necklace is a 30 inches long shark tail chain and on it, you will find an 18K gold plated pendant off  the head of a lion and this lion is wearing a crown that has fake diamonds on them so he has to be the king of the jungle and even the clasp that connects it to the necklace has the same sparkly stones on them to make it all look really amazing.

This is a special piece of jewelry for anyone that likes to show off his gold and shows the world who is the king here.

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buy Heart Of A Lion Men’s Ring

Heart Of A Lion Men’s Ring

If you want a nice ring then check out this men’s lion ring.

The ring is made from stainless steel and is 24K gold plated with two black sapphires for the lion’s eyes.

The ring shows the amazing features of a male lion all around a nice men’s ring and inside it is engraved with the text “Heart Of A Lion”.

You can get this lion ring in ring sizes 8 – 15 and it does come in half sizes too.

If you want a special piece of jewelry then this ring is perfect and it makes for a nice gift to as it comes in a gift box.

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