buy Lion Plush Hat With Attached Gloves

Lion Plush Hat With Attached Gloves

The lion plush hat is a great way to show everybody that you love lions. And an added bonus is the scarf and gloves attached.

The hat portion is a plush winter style hat that looks just like a lions head. Along with fuzzy mane, cute face, and ears. Attached to the hat is a long scarf on each side that turns into gloves or lion paws.

One size fits most plush hat, the lion hat is perfect for winter, summer or even make it into a costume for Halloween or dress-up parties.

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buy Husky Hooded Hat Attached Scarf And Mittens

Husky Hooded Hat Attached Scarf And Mittens

The majestic Husky is a dog breed that looks just like a wolf. Why not keep yourself warm and look like a Husky with this awesome hooded hat with attached scarf and mittens.

Made to look entirely like Husky fur with grey, white and black tones this has a large hooded hat with details of super cute ears on top. Find an attached scarf that extends into comfy warm mittens.

The underside of the mittens feature a grey Husky paw print and you will also find a zippered inside pocket perfect to keep your phone, wallet or small personal items safe.

Use this Husky hooded hat, scarf and mittens to keep warm from the winter weather or wear it as a Halloween costume.

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buy Penguin Winter Hat

Penguin Winter Hat

If you are looking for a fun hat for winter then come see this penguin winter hat.

The winter hat is great for both kids and adults and is one size fits most.

The hat is a Laplander style hat that is black and white just like a penguin and has the beak and eyes of a penguin too.

As penguins live where it is not so warm this hat will make sure that your head is not getting cold this winter.

Sure the hat may make you look a little bit goofy but whenever was that a bad thing.

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buy Hedgehog Women’s Gloves

Hedgehog Women’s Gloves

These women’s gloves are perfect for anyone that loves hedgehogs.

The gloves come in khaki or red and have some fur on the back to make it looks like a true hedgehog and has the face with nose and eyes and even it’s ears on it.

Why get cold hands when your hands can look cute and adorable just by wearing these fun gloves.

Sure these gloves are probably not perfect for a ski trip but they could be your go to gloves for everyday use around town and I am sure that people will notice them and smile.

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buy Wolf Plush Hat With Attached Gloves

Wolf Plush Hat With Attached Gloves

With the cold winter weather and snow you need to wear something warm and comfy, who better than to trust than a wolf.

This beanie hat features a nice plush wolf head that has grey fur, blue eyes and white nose. The ears stick up and are grey with white insides. Attached are some long grey tassles that have glove pockets for your hands and look just like the wolfs paws.

The long paws are great to keep your hands warm or use them as pockets, another really cool feature is you could use it as a scarf.

This is a great hat for all to enjoy and it gives you a unique fun look to get through that cold weather.

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buy Brown Bear Peruvian Hat And Mittens

Brown Bear Peruvian Hat And Mittens

Brown Bear Peruvian Hat And Mittens

This peruvian style hat features the look of a brown bear, all brown with a cute face that is detailed and ears that stick up along with tassels that hang low under each ear.

The mittens match with the brown color and have two white stripes on each wrist and is perfect to wear with the hat.

The bear hat with matching mittens is fit in a range of kids toddler sizes 2T to 4T and features stretch mittens so they will fit all sizes nice and snug while both keep your little one snug and warm.

Have a look at the Brown Bear Kids Peruvian Hat And Mittens.

buy Racoon Face Winter Hat

Racoon Face Winter Hat

Racoon Face Winter Hat

Raccoons may not be everyone’s favorite animal but when you see this winter hat you may change your mind.

This knit trapper style hat has the face of a raccoon on it and even cute little ears sticking out on top. The racoon hat is lined so that your head will be nice and warm while it’s cold out.

And with a hat like that you will be noticed and all that thanks to the cute raccoon face on the hat.

Sure the kids are gone want one to but they are adult sized so they maybe out of luck.

Come check out this cute Racoon Face Winter Hat.

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buy Let’s Play Labrador Beanie Hat

Let’s Play Labrador Beanie Hat

Let's Play Labrador Beanie Hat

Does you dog like to play outside even if it’s cold?

We found the perfect solution to keep you warm while playing with your lab.

This orange beanie hat is perfect for keeping you head warm and on that orange you can see a embroidered picture of a labrador playing. And you can even choose between a black or brown lab to make this hat more personal to you.

So now even when the dog is not around you can show the world around you that you really enjoy playing with your labrador.

So why wait till it’s cold again, just order your Let’s Play Labrador Beanie Hat.

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buy Grumpy Cat Winter Hat

Grumpy Cat Winter Hat

Grumpy Cat maybe grumpy all the time but there is one thing this cat hates more then anything and that is having a cold head.

Luckily for Tartar Sauce (Grumpy Cat’s real name) there now is a laplander winter hat that will keep head and ears warm.

And this winter hat of course has Grumpy Cat’s face on it and even it’s ears sticking up from the top.

This winter hat is one size fits most adults and kids and is double lined so that you head will be really warm when the weather gets cold.

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buy Wolf Scarf

Wolf Scarf

When weather gets cold we all dress up and start using scarfs and now there is a scarf that has wolfs on it.

This scarf made by American Apparel comes in many colors and each has on the beginning and end of the scarf a big watercolor styles picture of a wolf head. It really looks nice to see this amazing animal on a scarf.

The wolf scarf measures 93 x 16 inch and is made from 100% jersey cotton.

Just imagine this scarf as part of your winter wear it will look stunning and will make people want one to.

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