buy Lion Plush Hat With Attached Gloves

Lion Plush Hat With Attached Gloves

The lion plush hat is a great way to show everybody that you love lions. And an added bonus is the scarf and gloves attached.

The hat portion is a plush winter style hat that looks just like a lions head. Along with fuzzy mane, cute face, and ears. Attached to the hat is a long scarf on each side that turns into gloves or lion paws.

One size fits most plush hat, the lion hat is perfect for winter, summer or even make it into a costume for Halloween or dress-up parties.

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buy Husky Hooded Hat Attached Scarf And Mittens

Husky Hooded Hat Attached Scarf And Mittens

The majestic Husky is a dog breed that looks just like a wolf. Why not keep yourself warm and look like a Husky with this awesome hooded hat with attached scarf and mittens.

Made to look entirely like Husky fur with grey, white and black tones this has a large hooded hat with details of super cute ears on top. Find an attached scarf that extends into comfy warm mittens.

The underside of the mittens feature a grey Husky paw print and you will also find a zippered inside pocket perfect to keep your phone, wallet or small personal items safe.

Use this Husky hooded hat, scarf and mittens to keep warm from the winter weather or wear it as a Halloween costume.

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buy Dachshund Super Long Scarf

Dachshund Super Long Scarf

This scarf is perfect for people that like dachshunds and long scarfs.

The scarf is made from 100% acrylic and is nice and thick. The scarf is a light brown and on that yo can find and image of a dachshund that start at the front going all the way to the end and as this scarf is 77 inch long the dog is really long.

A winter scarf like this will get some attention I think but hey it is super cute almost as cute as the dog itself and that deservers a bit of attention I think.

So don’t  get cold out wear a nice long scarf this winter to keep you warm.

Get your Dachshund Super Long Scarf

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buy Moose Print Infinity Scarf

Moose Print Infinity Scarf

Moose Print Infinity Scarf

An infinity scarf is nice for women to have. The loop makes it easy to wear and keeps you warm.

And yes this scarf also looks good on you.

On this car you can find pictures of many moose and we show you the white scarf but you can get this moose infinity scarf also in blue, beige and black so that you can pick the color that fits best with your outfit.

And this moose scarf can of course be worn in different ways to keep it different every time.

If you like moose and don’t like cold then check out this Moose Print Infinity Scarf.

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buy Giraffe Print Infinity Scarf

Giraffe Print Infinity Scarf

Giraffe women's Infinity Scarf

If you like giraffes and want a new scarf then this is perfect for you.

This is a round infinity scarf that comes in many colors like black, white, blue, red, grey and purple. And all those scarfs have giraffes on them like the are walking around on the fabric.

This infinity scarf is 40 inch wide and 70 inch long and that makes it the perfect accessory for many outfits.

Now any outfit can have a giraffe theme when you just use a scarf like this.

The giraffe scarf is light weight and just fun, not one that will keep you super warm in winter but one that keeps you comfortable year round.

Come see all the fun color combinations of this Giraffes Women’s Infinity Scarf.

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buy Wolf Scarf

Wolf Scarf

When weather gets cold we all dress up and start using scarfs and now there is a scarf that has wolfs on it.

This scarf made by American Apparel comes in many colors and each has on the beginning and end of the scarf a big watercolor styles picture of a wolf head. It really looks nice to see this amazing animal on a scarf.

The wolf scarf measures 93 x 16 inch and is made from 100% jersey cotton.

Just imagine this scarf as part of your winter wear it will look stunning and will make people want one to.

Get your Wolf Scarf

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buy Butterfly Pendant Scarf

Butterfly Pendant Scarf

Butterfly Pendant Scarf

Looking for that extra something to dress up your outfit?

Well this butterfly pendant scarf is the perfect choice for you to dress up that special outfit your wearing.

This scarf has the most beautiful sparkly butterfly pendant featuring a rhinestone for the body and a rhinestone ball hanging from the body. Also the whole butterfly is outline with little rhinestones.

Total length of this scarf is 165 cm and the width is 55cm.

You will get lots of complements while wearing this unique looking butterfly scarf. It will be a perfect gift idea for any women you know.

Sparkle and shine wherever you go with this amazing Butterfly Pendant Scarf.

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