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Horse Painting Set

If you like horse and want something fun to do then you should check out this horse painting set.

The set includes 3 horses in different sizes and positions and they are made from resin and to make it complete they added a burst and paint so that you can start giving your plain colored horses some color.

The horse paint kit is rated ages 4+ so it is great for kids and adults and as it includes 3 horses you can do it with friends and see who can make the best looking horse.

And after you are done giving your horses it look then you can display it so that others can see some amazing animals.

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buy Horse Paint Your Own Activity Kit

Horse Paint Your Own Activity Kit

Horse Paint Your Own Activity Kit

It’s arts and craft time and what better way to put your great skills and steady hand than into a beautiful horse coat, making each horse your own.

This is a complete activity kit that has two white model horses that are ready for you to create your own horse colors and features, from beginner to fine artist anyone can enjoy this set.

The horse activity kit includes 6 paints, 3 brushes and a very well detailed instruction booklet to help you paint that perfect horse aswell as 2 unpainted model horses.

Get creative and inspired with the Horse Paint Your Own Horse Activity Kit.