buy Personalized Dachshund Doormat

Personalized Dachshund Doormat

If dogs and special dachshunds are something you like then this doormat could be perfect for you.

On this doormat you can see a fun background pattern and on that you find a silhouette of a dachshund and in the dog it says your name. Yes this doormat will be personalized with the name you want making it so much cuter in front of your door.

The dog doormat comes in two sizes 18 x 24 or 24 x 36 and is great for indoor and  can be used outdoors to but in that case make sure it is in a covered area.

Get your Personalized Dachshund Doormat

buy Woodland Hedgehog Address Labels

Woodland Hedgehog Address Labels

Hedgehog adress label

Address labels are so handy as it has your address on it and that means you don’t have to write it.

These hedgehog address labels are perfect for so many things like as return address labels and to mark everything you own the options are limitless.

On these address labels you find plenty of room for your info and besides that you can see an hedgehog and some things you find in the woods like mushrooms, leaves, acorns and flowers.

And these hedgehog woodland address labels come on sheet of 30 labels and each label is .75 x 2.25 inch.

So if you can use some fun labels then you should check out these Woodland Hedgehog Address Labels.

buy Personalized Penguin Tote Bag

Personalized Penguin Tote Bag

Personalized Penguin Tote Bag

Are you looking for a fun tote bag with you name on it?

If so then you are in luck as this penguin tote bag can have anyone’s name on it.

On the front and back this tote bag shows a picture of two penguins dressed for winter and they are surrounded by snowflakes and hearts. And on one of the penguins belly it has your name. And you can choose a different name for the front and back if you want.

A personalized tote bag also makes for a great present and is great for adults or kids that are easy to forget their stuff.

Come take a closer look at this Personalized Penguin Tote Bag.

buy Ladybug And Hearts Water Bottle

Ladybug And Hearts Water Bottle

Personalized Ladybug And Hearts Water Bottle

This personalized ladybug water bottle comes in sizes for small and big drinkers (18 or 24 oz) but both have a super cute design.

With this stainless steel water bottle you can stop worrying about loosing the bottle because this bottle show your or you child’s name.

Besides the name this bottle shows a flying lady bug and it has hearts besides the spots and in the air around it you can see red hearts to. And this water bottle is available in different colors to.

A water bottle like this is fun as part of a lunch kit and is perfect for trips or even the gym.

Come and check out this fun Ladybug Water Bottle.

buy Grizzly Bear Wrapping Paper

Grizzly Bear Wrapping Paper

Grizzly Bear Happy Birthday Gift wrap

This is special gift wrap for wrapping those really special presents.

On the wrapping paper you can see a mommy grizzly bear and two cubs and besides that there will be text but you can decided what it says (at no extra cost).

Maybe yours will say “Happy Birthday” or maybe “Happy Holidays” the options are limited only by your imagination.

You can get this grizzle bear gift wrap in all kind of sizes so that you can get what you really need.

And personalized gift wrap makes giving and getting presents even more special so I would say come check out this Grizzly Bear Wrapping Paper.

buy Yellow Personalized Sheep Flip Flops

Yellow Personalized Sheep Flip Flops

Yellow Personalized Sheep Flip Flops

If you like sheep and are looking for the perfect pair of flip flops then these maybe it.

These flip flops have a white sole and strap and a yellow footbed with on that a cute picture of a sheep. Besides the sheep you can also find your name on the flip flops so that you never have to worry about people taking yours.

You can get these sheep flip flops in a wide selection of men and women’s sizes so that you soon can walk the beach with sheep under your feet.

Don’t wait come check out these Sheep Flip Flops.

buy Pink Flamingo Polka Dots Samsung Galaxy Case

Pink Flamingo Polka Dots Samsung Galaxy Case

Pink Flamingo Polka Dots Samsung Galaxy Case

On this case you will see a nice black background with white polka dots along with a large image of a pink flamingo standing on one foot with it’s neck curled up for a nap.

Also find a customizable print in the lower left corner perfect to add your name or whatever you would like to tag your precious device as.

The case shown here is for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and it is made to perfectly fit the device leaving you access to all ports, buttons and cameras.

You can also get this Pink Flamingo for many many other types of devices like the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod and Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4 and Note 4.

Check out the Pink Flamingo Polka Dots Samsung Galaxy Case.

buy Hipster Fox Address Labels

Hipster Fox Address Labels

Hipster Red Fox Address Labels

Address labels are an easy way to mark you belongings.

Books, laptop, bike or what ever you can come up with can use a label that says it’s yours and address labels are also great for on mail you send.

And now you can get address labels that have a fun fox on them besides you address info.

And this fox is sitting in his own little space wearing some cool big hipster glasses. Just type in all your info and you labels will look as amazing as the picture.

You can get these red fox address labels in sheets of 30 labels making it ideal for you to get what you need.

Come check out these fun Hipster Red Fox Address Labels.

buy Whale Baby Announcement Pillow

Whale Baby Announcement Pillow

Whale Baby Announcement Pillow

Looking for a fun way to tell the world about your baby?

How about a pillow that has all the details and a cute whale on it.

This white pillow has room for the name, birthday, weight and length. Besides being perfect as a gift for the grandparents and the ants and uncles a pillow like this is also fun to have for yourself so that you little baby can look at it when it grows.

The announcement of the birth is only on the front of the pillow, the back has a fun striped design.

Come and tell the world in a fluffy way about your baby with this Whale Baby Announcement Pillow.

buy Ladybug USB Flash Drive

Ladybug USB Flash Drive

Stop using those boring flash drives that all look the same and get mixed up and replace it with something fun and personal.

This flash drive is made from maple wood and has a ladybug print on the front and back and it also has a red banner with your name on it. So now everyone will know where to return the flash drive too.

And you can get this ladybug flash drive in many sizes from 8GB – 64GB and in USB 2.0 or 3.0 so that you can get the drive you really want.

Get your Ladybug USB Flash Drive