buy Red Tiger Pillow

Red Tiger Pillow

This Red Tiger Pillow needs a nice place in your home because it looks really nice.

This tiger pillow has a Chinese feel to it as it is a red cover with on it green plants and flowers and then in the middle a big tiger that looks just stunning.

And this tiger comes on a full pillow or just as a pillow case and you can get it in different sizes too and you will find the same design on both the front and the back of the pillow.

Adding to tiger pillow to your home is just what your couch, chair or bed needs.

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buy Sloth Nap Time Throw Pillow

Sloth Nap Time Throw Pillow

The sloth is a slow, lazy animal that likes to nap a lot, why not finish off you bed or couch with a sloth having a nap printed on a throw pillow.

On this throw pillow you will see green plants, colorful flowers and trees as the background along with two very sleepy sloths, one sloth is hanging high from a tree sleeping while the other sloth is fast asleep on a lower branch.

This sloth naptime throw pillow is available in a wide selection of sizes that will range from 15 inches x 15 inches all the up to a 25 inches x 25 inches. Have a look at the pillow inserts you can add to your sloth pillow cover too.

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buy Merry Christmas Horse Pillow

Merry Christmas Horse Pillow

If you like horses and Christmas then you have to check out this Merry Christmas horse pillow.

The pillow has a blue background and on it, you can see the head of a horse and the animal is wearing Santa’s hat and it is saying “Merry Christmas!” because even a horse like a nice holiday.

You can get this as a pillow or just a pillow case so that you can use it with your own pillow. And the size of the horse pillow is 16 x 16 inches.

Just throw this horse pillow on a couch or chair in your home and even the furniture looks festive and is ready for Christmas.

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buy Fading Rabbit Pillow

Fading Rabbit Pillow

This fading rabbit pillow is just a nice decorative pillow for in your home or garden.

You can get this bunny pillow in many different sizes and for indoor or outdoor use and you can choose to get it as a pillow or just a pillow case.

On the pillow, you can see a rabbit against a light yellow background and the rabbit is cleaning its fur. The rabbit also seems to fade as the edge on one side already seems to have disappeared. The whole design of this rabbit pillow is just neat and that makes adding this pillow to a chair, couch, or the bed a good idea.

Get your Fading Rabbit Pillow

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buy Toy Monkey Pillow

Toy Monkey Pillow

If you like monkeys and need a pillow then you should check out this fun toy monkey throw pillow.

The pillow is mustard like yellow with on it ad brown toy monkey that to me feel like it is made from wood.

The monkey pillow is available in different sizes and even just as a pillow case and that make it perfect for you to get the perfect pillow in size and feel.

An adorable monkey like this fits on a couch, chair, and even the bed.

A monkey pillow like this will never get old as it is just too perfect for that.

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buy Dachshund Pillow Case Set

Dachshund Pillow Case Set

Dachshund Pillow Case Set

Hot Diggity Dog! You are a fan of the Dachshund dog, and now you can get a beautifully rendered pillow case set expressing this! The quality is brilliant on these hand printed shams, and the Weiner dog outline is stretched between the two.. a really great effect!

These hound centric pillow shams are 100% cotton, made in the USA, and each measure 29 x 21 inches. Easy to take care of with machine wash!

Your love is no sham, but the sham shows your love!

Pick up your Weiner Dog Pillowcase Set.

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buy Rhino Van Pillow

Rhino Van Pillow

Rhino’s make the ultimate Vans! And Rhino-Vans make excellent throw pillows! Because – awesome!

What do you get when a Rhinoceros mates with an airstream trailer? Well, hybrid vigor meets utility with the very rare Rhino-Van, depicted here on both sides of these lovely throw pillows. Detailed and surreal.

Keep your creative channels open with these wild throw pillows providing inspiration. When people drive around in Rhinos, you know anything is possible. It makes Totoro’s Catbus pale in comparison – shiza, it’s an extant odd toed, fully customized ungulate for Cripes sakes!

Cover made with soft yet sturdy 100% polyester poplin fabric. Concealed zipper maintains the seamless appearance. Available in small, medium and large sizes.

In the words of the immortal Pete Townsend, “I don’t want to cause no fuss, but can I buy your Magic Bus?”

You want it?

Get your Rhino Van Pillow

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buy Raccoon Throw Pillow

Raccoon Throw Pillow

Raccoons may not be seen as friends by a lot of people but they do look so cute.

And now there is the throw pillow that shows a cute raccoons head.

The pillow comes in 3 different sizes and you can even get it as just a pillow case but all show this raccoon on it.

And as any good pillow the picture of this cute raccoon can be found on both sides.

So couch, chair or even the bed they all would look better if they have a cute racoon pillow on it.

Get your Raccoon Throw Pillow

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buy Mr. Koala Throw Pillow

Mr. Koala Throw Pillow

Koala’s may not be bears but they are still really cute and look really cuddly just like bears.

And now there is this throw pillow that has a picture of a koala on it and he is wearing some glasses making it look even smarter then it already is.

This pillow comes in 3 different sizes so that you can get the pillow you want.

And if you just want a pillow case then you are in luck to because you can get this koala also as pillow case.

By getting this pillow you don’t just get one koala you will get two as the image can be found on both sides of the pillow.

Get your Mr. Koala Throw Pillow

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buy Seahorse Watercolor Throw Pillow Case

Seahorse Watercolor Throw Pillow Case

Seahorse Watercolor Throw Pillow

If you would like some seahorses in your home then this pillow case could be perfect for you.

This cotton / linen pillow case shows two sea horses looking at each other and can only be found on the front of this pillow case. The seahorses on are watercolor to make them really special and to bring some fun colors to the pillow.

The pillow case is 18 inch square and has an invisible zipper so that after you put the pillow in it just looks like an amazing throw pillow.

Just imagine how amazing a seahorse will look in your home and you can have two when you order this Seahorse Pillow Case.