buy Shark Splash Pad

Shark Splash Pad

Now there is this fun Shark Splash Pad that will make any hot summer so much better.

On a hot summer day nothing is better then playing in water no mater how young or old you are.

This splash pad is 60 inches and has fun sharks on the bottom and then you can connect your garden hose to it and then it will spray up and kids are going to love  running thought it or just standing it in to cool down.

If you are not going to travel this summer holiday then make summer at home more fun with this cute splash pad.

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buy Cow Pool Float

Cow Pool Float

If you like cows and pools then you just have to check out this fun cow pool float.

The pool float looks like a black and white cow and it has a tail and horns and it’s legs are wide to have more floatable area.

The inflatable cow is great for an adults or two kids as it is plenty big.

Now enjoying the pool will be extra fun all thanks to this a fun cow that will look stunning when floating in the water. You can take this cow to the sea or maybe just use it in the pool at home and I am sure people are going to smile when they see you float around on a cow.

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buy Purple Floating Penguin Bath Toy With Lights

Purple Floating Penguin Bath Toy With Lights

How cute is this? As soon as this little guy touches water, he lights up!

So great for the wee ones when they take a bath! Adorable floating plastic penguin toy will bring joy when it’s time to get clean! Battery will last 3-4 hours of continuous use. LED light brings a bright shining happiness to the water-world which is tub time!

Penguins are universally loved, and great parents! Bring this wonderful  flightless bird to the familiar waters of your child’s sudsy bath!

Step aside rubber ducky! There’s a new bird in town!

You child is going to love bath time even more all thanks to the penguin that brings light to the dark.

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buy Pink Flamingo Pool Float Toy

Pink Flamingo Pool Float Toy

Are you going on vacation or planning a pool party? Cool off on those hot days and spend your time relaxing and floating on this inflatable flamingo.

This unique flamingo pool toy is bright pink and has its wings painted on the sides in black. It has a long pink curving neck, large white and black eyes and black beak.

This round blow up pool toy is four feet in length and made of sturdy vinyl, perfect for use at the swimming pool, beach,  river and especially at your next pool party.

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buy Shark Ride On Pool Toy

Shark Ride On Pool Toy

Shark Ride On Pool Toy

You can now swim with the sharks, at least a blow up shark that has teeth a little less sharp than a real one so this may be a safe way to ride a shark.

This is a huge inflatable great white shark that blows up and you can ride it at the beach or in the pool, it is detailed to look very realistic and has sturdy hand grips so you can hold on and enjoy riding a shark.

Made to be very durable by the trusted company of Intex this great white shark measures approximatley 68 inches x 42 inches.

Try out the Great White Shark Ride On Pool Toy.

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