buy Rhinoceros Stuffed animal

Rhinoceros Stuffed animal

Rhinoceros plush animal

This stuffed animal plush is the cutest rhino and would be ferocious if it wasn’t for his darling eyes. Pale grey in color.

The body of this  rhinoceros is 14 inches long and totally cuddly in his plushness.

A rhinoceros like this is easy to be carried around at 2 lbs and easy to display as he stand on 4 legs and waits to be loved.

Don’t wait because this rhino need to be cuddled so order you own 14″ Rhinoceros Plush.

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Rhinoceros Luggage Tag

rhinoceros luggage tag
Everyone who travels wants to be able to identify their luggage.

This handy rhino luggage tag has clear window to display your information.

The fabric of this rhinoceros luggage tag is tightly woven and stitched entirely around and held with a button snap.

Be sure to grab a rhinoceros luggage tag for your everyday backpack as well as each piece of luggage, then you will be co-coordinated.

Come and order your Rhinoceros Luggage Tag.

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