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Spotted Salamander Mousepad

This useful spotted salamander mousepad makes a striking conversation piece!  The full color representation of the fine specimen, “Ambystoma maculatum” looks like it might crawl right off the cloth topped mousepad to run around your computer!

Spanning diagonally across the cloth top of the pad, this piece has exquisite detailing on the skin of the rendered amphibian.  The shaded imagery of the rocks beneath it lend further to a three dimensional impression. A geek chic accessory sure to delight salamander fans, and stylish desk jockeys alike!

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Salamander Pin

Gecko Pin

Looking for a signature Salamander pin? Of course you are, and this is the perfect one! This pewter cast reptile pin will look great whether you are dressing up or going casual!

Stays put with two clasps, this amphibian will look charming on your scarf, hat, backpack or lapel! The quality pewter content lends an antique feel that lends a dash of mystery to any outfit.

The nimble versatility of this salamander influenced jewellery will allow you to add a smart touch of style. A perfect “je ne sais quoi!” piece. You will become attached to this fine Salamander piece as it becomes attached to you!

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