buy Skunk Wasn’t Me Shower Curtain

Skunk Wasn’t Me Shower Curtain

Wasn't Me Skunk Shower Curtain

Some time you can smell when it is time to take a shower and for those occasions this shower curtain is just perfect.

This white shows curtain shows a picture of a skunk and below it the text “Wasn’t Me!”.

Of course as the shower is often close to the toilet this could also be a good medium to tell other washroom visitors that it wasn’t you that smelled the place up.

This skunk shower curtain is 69 x 70 inch and has twelve holes for rings (not included) and this shower curtain is made from 100% softened polyester.

Make your bathroom more fun with this Wasn’t Me Skunk Shower Curtain.

buy Skunk Alarm Clock

Skunk Alarm Clock

Skunk Alarm Clock

Do you want to be woken up in the morning by a skunk?

OK not by the smell of a skunk of course but by a cute alarm clock that has a skunk on it.

This black alarm clock is great for kids and adults that need to get up in the morning. On the watch face of this clock you can find a reproduction of a skunk painting and it just looks really cute.

if you know someone that likes skunk then this could be a perfect gifts as it comes in a nice box and even includes a battery so that you are all set to be woken up on time.

Come take a closer look at this Skunk Alarm Clock.

buy Skunk Bottle Stopper

Skunk Bottle Stopper

Skunk Bottle Stopper

You open a corked bottle and then you don’t finish it but how will you close it?

Yes you need a bottle stopper so that your favorite drink will stay good just a little bit longer.

This bottle stopper has a cork that can easily be inserted in the bottle and on top of the cork you can find a skunk. Yes this is a skunk wine bottle stopper and the little skunk on top makes it all worth it.

And to make it even more easy they connected a little chain and a ring on the bottle stopper so that you can keep it with the bottle without having to wonder where you should place the skunk for now.

Get ready to open the bottle of wine and after that just close it with this Skunk Bottle Stopper.

buy Skunk Figurine Pen Holder

Skunk Figurine Pen Holder

Skunk Figurine Pen Holder

Add some elegance to your desk or work station and show your love of one of nature’s misunderstood animals, the skunk.

This 6” x 5” wooden base is perfect for displaying the bushy, black and white resin skunk figurine and don’t worry that its tail is raised, this skunk does not have an unpleasant oder.

A gold tone pen holder and pen is attached to the wood plaque beside the intricately designed skunk.

This skunk pen holder would look spectacular in your home or at the office and would be a welcomed gift for a skunk lover.

Bring the outdoors inside with this Skunk Figurine Pen Holder.

buy Skunk Custom Return Address Labels

Skunk Custom Return Address Labels

Skunk Custom Return Address Labels

You can easily add your return address to a letter with a label or use a sticker to identify your belongings.

Do you ever go to events and enter contests that require you to write your name, address and phone number repeatedly?

Now you can buy these very cute skunk return address labels, customize them with all your information and then just peel and stick – your info is on the entry form. It’s as easy as that!

These 2.625 x .875 inch labels have an adorable black and white skunk on one side and plenty of room to fill in your personal info on the other and you can order 132 or 264 labels at a time.

Everyone will remember you when you use these Skunk Custom Return Address Labels.

buy Skunk Jigsaw Puzzle

Skunk Jigsaw Puzzle

Skunk Jigsaw Puzzle

All children love to put together puzzles. Let them make this adorable skunk puzzle over and over. Your children will love it!

The brightly colored skunk jigsaw puzzle sits in a seven ½ inches by seven ½ inches sturdy wooden frame and contains 20 jigsaw pieces that attach together easily. This is the perfect size for children three years and older.

This jigsaw puzzle shows a bright design of a black and white skunk walking on green grass with green trees in the background and a sunny blue sky up above.

Be sure to let your children enjoy constructing this Skunk Jigsaw Puzzle.

buy Skunk Dirty / Clean Dishwasher Magnet

Skunk Dirty / Clean Dishwasher Magnet

Skunk Dirty / Clean Dishwasher Magnet

Skunks can smell up the place but when they are washed they smell clean.
Your dishes are the same when dirty the dishwasher can smell but when clean it smell great.

Are you one of those people that never remember if the dishwasher is clean or dirty?

If so then you need a dishwasher magnet and this skunk one is great.

The magnet has two parts one hals shows a dirty skunk and the other side a clean skunk. Just place the right side up and you know if the dishes are clean or skunk dirty.

Make your life easy by getting your own Skunk Dirty / Clean Dishwasher Magnet.