buy Dachshund Hot Dog Figurine

Dachshund Hot Dog Figurine

Now there is a dachshund figurine that really makes it looks like a wiener dog as the dog is wearing a hot dog bug.

This cute dog is wearing a hotdog bun and seems to have mustard on it’s back and that makes this dachshund the perfect wiener dog and you can own this cute little fellow for on a shelve in your home.

This dog figurine is made from resin by Westland Giftware and measures7.1 x 2.8 x 2.8 inch which is the perfect size for this adorable dog.

Now you just need a place for this adorable hot dog and I think even the kitchen could work.

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buy Penguin Cookie Jar

Penguin Cookie Jar

Sure you can eat the whole batch of cookies but that would not be smart would it?

Just store those cookies somewhere nice like a penguin cookie jar like this one.

This ceramic cookie jar looks like a big king penguin with a little chick under it’s feathers.

The cookie jar is 11.5 inch tall and made by Westland Giftware.

A nice cookie jar like this can last for many generations and that is why a penguin like this should be taking watch over the cookies that you and your kids eat as maybe in the future the same bird will see your grandkids and their children do that same.

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buy Coca Cola Polar Bear Cookie Jar

Coca Cola Polar Bear Cookie Jar

I always enjoy the Coca Cola commercials with the cute polar bears.

And because I also enjoy cookies this cookie jar is perfect for me.

This ceramic cookie jar made by Westland Giftware shows a polar bear enjoying a dip in a red Coca Cola pail filled with ice and some bottles of cola and the bear even holds a cola and seems ready for a drink.

So now you can have this cookie jar standing filled with yummy cookies and enjoy the fun looking design.

And this cookie jar is not only for people that like polar bears it is also a great collectors item for people that collect everything Coca Cola.

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buy Polar Bear Cub Cookie Jar

Polar Bear Cub Cookie Jar

Young animals are so cute and this polar bear cub is no exception.

This is a polar bear cookie jar and the cub is just so happy to serve you cookies all the time.

A ceramic cookie jar like this one will last a lifetime and it helps that this one is so cute.

This cookie jar made by Westland Giftware is about 9 1/2 inch and that give it plenty of space to store those yummy cookies.

A lasting cookie jar like this make a great item to pass down for generations to come because everyone wants to eat cookies.

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buy Boxer Dog Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

Boxer Dog Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

Boxer Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

Salt and pepper are the two things that are default parts of the dinning table and if you like dogs then this salt and pepper shaker set would be perfect for you.

The set has two boxers one light brown and the other dark brown and they will hold your salt and pepper.
And these two dogs have magnets in their nose so that you can keep them together. They will stand like the picture above nose to nose while not in use dispensing pepper or salt.

These boxers are made by Westland Giftware and are made out of ceramic making it a lasting item on your dinning table.

Get a pair of kissing boxers yourself by ordering this Boxer Dog Salt And Pepper Shaker Set.

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