buy Stormy Night Whale T-Shirt

Stormy Night Whale T-Shirt

Orca whales t-shirt

The picture on this particular t-shirt is a scene of a stormy wind swept night with orca whales seemingly oblivious to any storms as they swim and frolic in the ocean far from the storm.

An excellent dye process creates a beautiful navy blue background for the scene on the t-shirt, the stitching of the seams is double reinforced for extra ‘give’.

The orca t-shirt is made of 100 % cotton and is preshrunk for a ready to wear garment on arrival .

Order sizes medium thru 3 X large to accommodate all your friends and family, bear in mind the ‘cut ‘ of this garment is ‘roomy’, for the relaxed look.

Enjoy the stormy look of this whale t-shirt and be prepared to feel great wearing it.

Give people some free whale watching by wearing this Dark Night Orca T-Shirt.

buy Whale Save the Humans T-shirt

Whale Save the Humans T-shirt

The robust yet friendly whale on the front of this t-shirt is thinking , ‘save the humans’, what a switch!

Made in the USA, this t-shirt comes in a variety of colors, and sizes.

The organic short sleeve version of the ‘Save the Humans’ t-shirt is perfect for those who are sensitive and want products that are pesticide free and made in non sweat shop environments.

Be sure to wash and hang to dry this 100% cotton garment.

If you are ready to wear a t-shirt that encourages saving the humans and stopping climate change , this is the one for you, and perhaps for your friends!


Get your Whale Save the Humans T-shirt

buy Whale Soap Dispenser

Whale Soap Dispenser

Whale Soap Dispenser

The days of whale watching can be everyday!

Enjoy your liquid soap from this whale soap dispenser with a friendly whale design on the sides.

Made of ceramic , this piece is 3.9 x 6.5 x 8.4 inches, appropriately sized for vanity or dresser.

The pump mechanism is silver tone in color and rinses clean by hand washing in warm water.

Make bath time or lather time more fun with a whale lotion dispenser.

Get ready for watch your whale by ordering this Whale Soap Dispenser.