buy Women’s Corgi Socks

Women’s Corgi Socks

Women's Corgi Socks

OMG! Oh my dawg! Corgi Socks? Yes!

Let’s imagine for a moment you are having a less than perfect day. I don’t know what the reason is. Maybe you had a car run through a puddle and drench you!? Did your younger sister steal your favourite top? Was it your adorable daughter who threw a tantrum in the middle of the cereal aisle? I don’t know.. things sometimes go diametrically opposite to the way we’ve planned.. But, stay with me now. then there are Corgi Socks!

All these things that life can throw you, all the vicissitudes of the seasons, the random flippant and fickle nature of luck, these all can be conquered when you are wearing your favourite pair of socks! Why?? Because.. Corgi Socks!

There has been much speculation as to how Tiger Woods managed to be the worlds greatest golfer for well over a decade. There have been whispers, among certain circles that possible it was attributed to his fondness for Corgi Socks! We’ll never know, he may take his secret to his grave one day. We all have to find life hacks that work for us! That make us world leaders in our own way.

You won’t be able to resist the comfort of this lovely cotton blend sock – sized ladies 9-11, and made from 66% cotton, 32% nylon, and 2% spandex.

Great for people who love comfort, style, whimsy and taking charge of their own happiness! The adorable cartoon renditions of Corgies in bandanas cover the emerald background of this wonderful article of clothing.

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