buy Frogs 2015 Wall Calendar

Frogs 2015 Wall Calendar

Frogs 2015 Wall Calendar

If you love the anphibian reptile frogs and care about their preservation just like the Wold Wildlife Fund then this is the calendar for you.

This frog calendar features many colorful frog species just like this one on the front cover that is a red-eyed tree frog on an orange leaf using a high quality image.

The 2015 calendar is a standard wall calendar size that measures Size Closed: 14.0″ x 12.0 ”
Size Opened: 14.0 ” x 24.0 ” and uses traditional stapled binding, it also features the 4 last months of 2014 as an added bonus.

Spend the end of 2014 qnd the year 2015 with the World Wildlife Fund Frogs 2015 Wall Calendar.

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