buy Moose Family Wall Clock

Moose Family Wall Clock

Moose Family Wall Clock

If you like animals and time then you should check out this moose family wall clock.

This round clock has a diameter os 10 inches and runs on one AA battery and the clock comes with a wooden look, black, or white frame and you can pick the hand colors too between white and black so that you can really get a moose clock made for your needs.

On the wall clock you can see a light green landscape like background that gives you a feeling of nature and in front of that you can see two moose one is smaller then the other and the big one has antlers making it look like the are a family just lounging around in nature with a little bird sitting on one of the moose.

It all just look really nice and if you didn’t need a clock but like the design the click on the picture as you can get the same design on different products.

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