buy Puffer Fish Dryer Balls

Puffer Fish Dryer Balls

Puffer Fish Dryer Balls

Although a real puffer fish can be a slow and clumsy swimmer, these puffer fish dryer balls will move quickly and freely in your dryer.

Add these cute little fish to your load of wet laundry in the dryer and they will fluff your clothes and improve the circulation of heat and air to make the drying time faster and help reduce energy costs.

This set of two spiky dryer balls includes a white and blue one, each with gills at the sides, tails at the back and two black eyes so they look like an inflated puffer fish.

You will find that your clothes are softer and less wrinkled without any chemical additives and are great for those with sensitive skin.

Make laundry day more fun with these Puffer Fish Dryer Balls.