buy Rhinoceros Backpack

Rhinoceros Backpack

Rhinoceros Backpack

Well, this is a bit different. Have your entire backpack looking like the brute mug of a rhino head! You’re going to love your very own rhino bag!

There is something to be said for individuality. And sometimes we have to stand for what we believe in, when everyone else thinks we’re crazy. Noah might have forgot the unicorns on his big boat, but he worked hard to get the rhino in it. Why? Because they are awesome, and he wouldn’t settle! Moral of the story, if you believe you are inspired, listen to the inspiration! Get yourself a rhino backpack!

Perfect for all sorts of things, from school to casual usage, shuttling your personal effects around, you know, knapsack stuff in general, it will be so very handy and fun.

Get your big bad Rhino pack. 42x29x18 cm in dimension. Durable poly constructed.

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