buy Ladybug Baby Bottle Holder

Ladybug Baby Bottle Holder

Baby bottles are boring and plain and sometimes too hot for babies fingers and that is all why you need to see this ladybug baby bottle holder.

It’s almost like a plush animal only this animal can have the baby bottle inside.

Just put your bottle in the ladybug and you baby can touch it and being impressed by the nice colors and all that makes for a happy feeding baby.

And keeping the bottle in the ladybug cover will keep it warmer longer to and that again will make baby happy.

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buy Bunny Baby Bottle Warmer / Holder

Bunny Baby Bottle Warmer / Holder

Baby bottles are kinda boring and get cold quickly but this bottle holder change that as it will keep the milk warm longer and it looks like an adorable bunny.

Now your baby has something fun to look at while feeding as this bottle holder shows the rabbit with its cute face and bunny ears.

The rabbit bottle holder can hold a standard 500ml baby bottle and I am sure you little one can appreciate the fun bunny that is soft and great at insulating the bottle.

No more plain boring bottles for your child thanks to the rabbit that loves to keep your bottle dressed up.

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