buy PyroPet Cat Candle

PyroPet Cat Candle

If you like cats and candles then you just have to see this PyroPet cat candle.

The candle is shaped like a straight lined cat and comes in a bunch of colors.

And the cat candle has an amazing feature that when it burns down it starts to shows the cat skeleton.

This is not a nice candle that burns clean so make sure you put it on something that can get candle wax on it as it will leak the wax.

Now you just have to find a nice spot in your home for a candle that is shaped like a cat.

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buy PyroPet Rabbit Candle

PyroPet Rabbit Candle

If you like candles and rabbits then you should check out this rabbit candle that just looks like an amazing bunny that can burn down.

The Pyropet candle shows a rabbit made out of straight lines and it is a candle that will drip so put it on something that can get some wax on it. And when you burn the candle down you will find another surprise as there is a bunny skeleton inside that will start to show the further it burns down.

The rabbit candle comes in a nice gift box so that you can give it as a present to a friend that loves shaped candles.

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