buy Penguin Print Glass

Penguin Print Glass

If you want a cute glass that shows penguins then you need this penguin print glass.

This glass looks like a nice shaped glass and on it, you can see penguins in all kind of poses from swimming around to ready to jump from a piece of ice.

And a penguin glass is great for hot and cold drinks so you can enjoy it all day long and even use it in the microwave safe to reheat your coffee or tea.

So if you want a unique glass for at home or the office and you like penguins then this is the perfect glass for you.

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buy Shark Attack Glass

Shark Attack Glass

If you like sharks or are planning a shark week party then this glass would be what you need.

The 350 ml glass is perfect for beer, juice, water or any other cool liquid you like and if you look closer then you can see there is a shark in the glass just ready to attack.

Of course if you put a darker liquid in the glass then it will be extra cool as then the shark just peeks out when you drink enough.

A shark glass like this is just one of those cool shark items out there and I am sure you will enjoy having one. And the glass comes in a nice box so it makes for a great gift as well.

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buy Assorted Party Animal Noses Cups

Assorted Party Animal Noses Cups

Assorted Party Animal Noses Cups

It is time to truely turn your party wild, literally wild with some of the fun and interesting animals of the wild kingdom.

This is a package of cups that feature 6 different animal noses printed on them sideways so just as you lift the cup to take a sip it really looks like you have the nose, beak or snout of a shark, walrus, zebra, cheetah, toucan, or lizard.

Each cup is made from very durable and sturdy paper holding 9 ounces of whatever party liquid you may want, each package contains 24 of these fun and hillarious cups.

Turn your party wild with the Assorted Party Animal Noses Cups.