buy Llama Plush

Llama Plush

Llama Plush

The Llama may be a bit goofy looking, funny looking and really just weird but did you know that they are actually a really good watch guard for a herd of farm animals.

This is a plush of a Llama that has a lot of attention to detail from it’s funny but cute face to the ears and hooves, made by Aurora so you can guarantee it will be very durable and of course a soft snuggly buddy too.

The Llama plush is bean filled and will be the perfect gift for anyone.

Try out this cuddle partner, go and get the Aurora lama Push.

buy Llama Women’s T-Shirt

Llama Women’s T-Shirt

Women's lama face t-shirt

A Llama is a very sociable and friendly animal.

You will defiantly be more social and friendly on an evening out while wearing this cool Llama women’s t-shirt.

This Llama t-shirt has a eco water base that makes the design come to life and will become a permanent part of you when you put it on.

Featuring a picture of a cute Llama standing in the woods on a beautiful fall day with leaves on the ground. When you wear this t-shirt it will make you feel like you are out for a day in the woods.

Its a stretchy and comfortably fitting t-shirt made from 100% microfiber poly and will look great with a pair of jeans for a casual day out.

Be a Llama when you wear this special Women’s  Llama T-shirt.