buy Elephant Night Light

Elephant Night Light

Elephant Night Light

Kids and lots of adults don’t like the dark.
For those people they make fun night lights.

This night light looks like a little fun elephant ready to play.
The elephant is light blue and is hand painted.

Just plug in the light and you are set everynight before you go sleep just flip the switch and you will have light all night long.

Come have a closer look at this Elephant Night Light.

Hippo Night Light

Hippopotamus night light

Sure this hippopotamus seems a little bit pale but it does not take much to make him change color.

This hippo is a night light with a build in battery so that i can be safe with you kids without haveing to worry about wires.

And thisĀ hippopotamus can have soothing changing color or a solid blue, green or red to make it easy for you kids to fall a sleep.

Don’t wait till you fall a sleep go get your own hippopotamus Night Light.