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Silly Rat Fridge Magnet

If you like cute animals then you have to see this fridge magnet that has a cute rat on it and the animal seems to be sticking out his tongue at you.

You can get this fun rat magnet is different sizes in round or square sizes and I am sure that your fridge can have a rat magnet on it just to make it look a bit cuter.

Sure this magnet can go on almost any metal surface from your locker at work and school to the mailbox outside the options are almost limitless.

Of course not everyone likes rats but that is their loss as this magnet is just to much fun not to have.

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buy Raspberry Eating Rat Pillow

Raspberry Eating Rat Pillow

What do you get someone who has everything?

Wait a moment.. they don’t have a throw pillow that has an adorable bright picture of a rat eating raspberries out of a transparent container do they!?

I knew it! Get them (or yourself for that matter) one of those! You know you can’t live without one! How many times have you felt the joy of “smelling the roses” or sneaking the berries, like this mischievous critter is demonstrating so beautifully?

The hilarious graphic is printed on both sides of the cover, and the zipper is hidden, unseeable unless you go searching for it. This item is made from 100% spun polyester poplin fabric and will look fresh and stylish on your chairs or sofa for many years!

You would never have guessed how much you “need” such an item, but it just goes to show.. you never can tell what the day will bring!

Pick up a couple and accessorize your home with some whimsical fuzzy mammal humour! Great for animal lovers of all kinds!

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