buy Bluetooth Owl Speaker

Bluetooth Owl Speaker

If you like owls and music then you should check out this amazing Bluetooth owl speaker.

The speaker is small as it is only 2 inches tall and that makes it really portable and there is a build in battery so that you can listen to the music for about 4 hours between charges.

The speaker looks like an adorable owl with big yellow owls.

The owl wireless speaker comes with a USB charging cable and even a lanyard so that you can hang it around your neck if you want.

Now there is bird that does not make typical bird sounds, this owl can sound like any musician you like.

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buy Panda Headphone Earbuds

Panda Headphone Earbuds

Panda Headphone Earbuds

Do you need a stylish pair earphones that just scream out you all over them.

This is a really cool pair of headphone earbuds that have the 3D shape of a panda head, find the nice black and white markings of a panda, the black ears and eyes giving this panda an adorable face.

Other cool features are the built in hands free mic, mega bass sound, high quality smooth high pitch sound, in ear sound isolation to maximize the speaker sound quality.

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