buy Elephant Love T-Shirt

Elephant Love T-Shirt

Elephant Love T-Shirt

These are not love birds on the front of this t-shirt , they are love elephants!

A bright indigo blue background has the picture of two black elephant silhouettes, and love hearts floating dreamily above their heads.

Enjoy the scoop neck and the longer that average cut on the sleeve and a longer rise in the back of the shirt than the front for a more feminine appeal.

This t-shirt is made of 62% polyester, 33% rayon, 5% spandex to provide a stretchy and comfortable feel without losing shape.

This t-shirt is easy care, simply machine wash in cold and hang to dry, no bleach please.

The elephants in love t-shirt is perfect for someone in love, someone loving elephants or for someone who would love a new t-shirt that is really nice!

Get ready for love by wearing this Elephant Love T-Shirt.

buy Peacock Feather Dress

Peacock Feather Dress

Peacock Feather Dress

With this dress you can own the room!

The black bodice lends itself perfectly to the pallet on which the peacock feather design adorns the knee length casual dress.

Made of a comfortable poly cotton blend fabric this dress contains just enough stretch to be comfortable and still retains it’s shape.

Available in two color schemes, indigo blue with gold peacock feathers, or a royal purple and a lime green design, both color schemes travel from the hem to the waist with slight embellishments above the waist.

This dress is loose fitting and ultra comfortable to wear on hot sultry nights or can be accessorized with the proper heels and shawl for elegant evening wear.

Toss this simple, yet stylish sleeveless dress into your overnight bag and you will be prepared to dazzle immediately upon arrival at your destination.

So get ready to dress up in your Peacock Feather Dress.

buy Penguin Abbey Road Tank Top

Penguin Abbey Road Tank Top

Penguin Abbey Road Tank Top

Penguins that is what this t-shirt has to offer.

This tank top comes in a grey blue color making it look like it is made out of ice and that is probably the reason why the penguins like it so much.

So on this tank top you see 3 penguins walking almost like the Beatlles did on Abbey Road.

This penguin shirt comes in a range of junior women’s sizes and the supose to fit tight and if you don’t like that then they advice you to buy one size up.

For now come check out this fun Penguin Women’s Tank Top T-Shirt.

buy Pug On Wood T-Shirt

Pug On Wood T-Shirt

Pug On Wood T-Shirt

If you like t-shirts with cute dogs on them then you are in luck.

This womens t-shirt shows a cute pug staring at you. The dog is sitting on a wooden floor that goes on behind the dog almost to the top of the t-shirt making it look almost like 3D.

And of course it is all about the pug and the pug is printed in high quality and in a great size.

The print is done in a eco water based ink so that the print will last much longer then when thinks are printed on top of the shirt. Here you will have no flaking and problems like that.

And as any popular t-shirt this dog t-shirt comes in a range of sizes.

If a pug shirt is what you want then don’t wait and just order your Pug On Wood T-Shirt.

buy Peacock T-Shirt

Peacock T-Shirt

Peacocks have amazing colors the blue body and colorful feathers really make it stand out in a crowed.

And now you can look like a peacock by just wearing this t-shirt that shows a peacock print on it and yes it is the bird with the blue body and the feathers pointing up.

This women’s t-shirt is special and non are the same. The water based dye used makes this t-shirt to last a long long time without having to worry about pealing of the peacock.

And this t-shirt comes in a wide range of sizes so that the peacock will fit your perfectly.

Get your Peacock T-Shirt

buy Sheltie Who Me Tank Top

Sheltie Who Me Tank Top

Sheltie Who Me Tank Top t-shirt

Dogs are cute but also the naughty kind.

Like this Shetland sheepdog on this tank top who looks so cute and cuddly like nothing ever happends and then the words below him saying “Who Me?” because he knows what he did.

This sheltie tank top comes in a range of colors and if you don’t like a tank top but prefere a shirt then that is possible to.
There are also men’s and kids versions of this t-shirt.

If you like Shelties then come and check out this Sheltie Who Me Tank Top T-Shirt. 

buy Duck T-Shirt

Duck T-Shirt

Such a calming scene on this t-shirt with Mallard ducks floating peacefully on a pond .

The background of this t-shirt is a shallow green water with two bright emerald colored ducks and another speckled duck floating along, the same image is printed on the back of this shirt as well as the front.

Unique in it’s dye process, this shirt will never flake, peel, or crack because of the way the color is embedded into the fibers.

Available in sizes small thru extra large, the micro fiber fabric fits snugly and if you are looking for a more relaxed fit , please order one size larger .

Try to wash this t-shirt in cold water to maintain the image of the duck and the water, and preserve the life of your soon to be favorite t-shirt.

Get your Duck T-Shirt

buy Moose T-Shirt

Moose T-Shirt

Lake Moose t-shirt

What a great t-shirt picturing a moose in it’s natural habitat knee deep in weeds, munching thru the swamp.

The coloring of the scene is uniquely made by a water based system that blends the dye into the fabric making the picture very realistic.

Ultra stretchy and comfortable because of the microfibre fabric, this women’s t-shirt has a scoop neck and ladies fit for around the arms.

Order sizes small thur X large for a snug fit and one size larger for a looser, baggy fit.

Wash in cold water to preserve the extraodinary color of this moose t-shirt and you will be sure to extend the life of the garment also.

Moose lovers come check out this Moose In The Water T-Shirt.

buy Wolf And The Moon T-Shirt

Wolf And The Moon T-Shirt

Lunar wolf t-shirt

This is a beautiful animal, a wolf carefully placed on a t-shirt with the moon in the background.

The wolf itself is captured in profile, fur is shades of grey and the moon is pictured behind the head , beaming bright and full.

Made of micro-fiber polyester, the cut is for a ladies shape with a scoop neck and shorter sleeves.

Wear this t-shirt snugly by ordering sizes small thru X Large and for a roomier fit, order one size bigger.

The print of this women’s t-shirt is applied with a water based ink process and completed individually in the U.S.A .

Wash this realistic looking wolf t-shirt in cold water and your will be guaranteed that this print will never peel crack or flake .

Come have a closer and better look at this Wolf And The Moon Women’s T-Shirt.

buy Raccoon T-Shirt

Raccoon T-Shirt

Cute Raccoon womens t-shirt

Each of these t-shirts with the darling raccoon wearing glasses is one of a kind.

The serious eyes are accentuated with the round black glasses , the whiskers peek out from below the frames making the grey and white raccoon face very realistic.

Soft microfiber fabric lends itself perfectly to the colorization which completed using water based ink.

Each t-shirt is dyed individually assuring each shirt is an original and is best cared for by hand washing in cold water.

Sizes start at small and go to X large and for a roomier look and feel, be sure to order one size larger.
And sorry guys this is a women’s only t-shirt

This raccoon t-shirt with the serious looking eyeglasses will be sure to get a few looks on it’s own, be prepared for the attention!

Come check out this Raccoon wearing Glasses T-Shirt.