buy Spotted Salamander Mousepad

Spotted Salamander Mousepad

This useful spotted salamander mousepad makes a striking conversation piece!  The full color representation of the fine specimen, “Ambystoma maculatum” looks like it might crawl right off the cloth topped mousepad to run around your computer!

Spanning diagonally across the cloth top of the pad, this piece has exquisite detailing on the skin of the rendered amphibian.  The shaded imagery of the rocks beneath it lend further to a three dimensional impression. A geek chic accessory sure to delight salamander fans, and stylish desk jockeys alike!

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buy German Shepherd T-Shirt

German Shepherd T-Shirt


Paws for effect!  What a fantastic way to show off your favorite breed!  This 100% cotton, preshrunk t-shirt comes in all sizes, all the way up to 6XL!   Featuring a beautiful profile picture of a german shepherd dog, “signed” with paw prints.

Release the hounds!  YOU let the dog out when you don this classic style shirt showcasing this classic K9!  Choose from many colors on this high quality, heavyweight t-shirt !

It’s perfect for you and it makes a great gift for german shepherd lovers everywhere!   Order yours now!

Come and check out this amazing German Shepherd T-Shirt.

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buy Salamander Pin

Salamander Pin

Gecko Pin

Looking for a signature Salamander pin? Of course you are, and this is the perfect one! This pewter cast reptile pin will look great whether you are dressing up or going casual!

Stays put with two clasps, this amphibian will look charming on your scarf, hat, backpack or lapel! The quality pewter content lends an antique feel that lends a dash of mystery to any outfit.

The nimble versatility of this salamander influenced jewellery will allow you to add a smart touch of style. A perfect “je ne sais quoi!” piece. You will become attached to this fine Salamander piece as it becomes attached to you!

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buy Rhinoceros T-Shirt

Rhinoceros T-Shirt

“Rhino you want it!” – What’s not to love about this classic rhinoceros t-shirt?

Always in style this durable pre-shrunk cotton tee will demand respect from animal lovers and rhino aficionados alike. The understated profile of this regal beast conveys deep rooted confidence and independence, along with a touch of humor.

“Yes, you are looking at a Rhino.. anything else you would like to validate?” – who can argue this unasked question’s merit?

Enjoy the comfort and simplicity that begins with this one purchase. That which you have been looking for, has arrived!

“Rhino! Rhino! Rhino!” Things really are that simple.

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buy Sea Turtles Flip Flops

Sea Turtles Flip Flops

How do you catch a unique sea turtle?  You “sneak” up on him (wearing turtle flip flops of course)!

Enjoy your lazy summer days wide open with these water-proof sea turtle thong flip flops!  Whether you are on the beach, in the park, or kicking it in a mall, these casual flip flop sandals will keep a smile on your face.

Express your fun loving side when you select your stylish turtle footwear!

Great things come in many sizes, mens, women’s, and children’s!  At this wallet-friendly price, you can’t go wrong. Order yours today and let the fun begin!

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buy Moo Cow Tote Bag

Moo Cow Tote Bag

Got MOO??

This iconic (100% cotton) tote bag is great for people on the Moove! Perfect for carrying anything you need when you’re out and about!

Show your fun loving casual side when you utilize this convenient all purpose tote!

Durable and long lasting this cow bag is machine washable.  Extra long 22 inch reinforced fabric handles make it easy to carry.  Made with 10 oz heavyweight natural canvas fabric, it’s measurements are “just right” at  15 x 18x 6 inch.

The cow tote bag is just a touch quirky, and ever-so useful, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

What are you waiting for?

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buy Pug Head Socks

Pug Head Socks

Pug lovers – REPRESENT!   Now is the time to order!

Be the first on your block to take these fantastic Pug socks out for a walk!

You will notice the extreme comfort of these technologically engineered socks which  have strategically placed  cushioned areas to ensure comfort.  Great for all types of activities!  Your feet will stay dry as Hi-Bulk (anti-bacterial) acrylic yarns whisk away moister, while the stretch nylon woven into the dog  sock ensures excellent support and fit throughout!

For Women’s size 6-11 or Men’s size 5-10.  Contains less than 4% latex.

Demonstrate your unique style and PUG love!

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Laser Eyed Cat Fleece Blanket


Laser eyed cat blanket

You rarely see cats doing this. Because, while our feline friends get P.O.’d fairly often during the course of a day, their degree of being miffed is not significant enough to have them use their innate “laser eye” abilities.

When cats get upset enough, they will engage their laser eye attack mode. And this super comfy Galaxy Cat Fleece Blanket captures this rarely seen activity in action! While the picture is embellished a little bit, with a green filter used to stylize our prism-cornea’d kitty with a lovely emerald hue, and yes, ok, the specs were put on him for effect, the natural laser beams must be real!

Offset against a lovely purple space background, this wildly cool fleece blankie will be appreciated by cat lovers, comfort lovers and lovers of joyfulness throughout the galaxy!

Meow zap. Get toast warm cuddling up by the Laser Cat!

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