buy Green Piggy Socks

Green Piggy Socks

Green Piggy Socks for women

Take your little piggies to market with Hot-Sox pig socks!

Ladies with shoe sized 4 – 10.5 will love the fashion sense these little numbers provide.

It’s true the best things in life are the simplest things. A fresh pair of lively colored, off beat, pig themed footwear! kelly green in color, with pink, pink and white, and black and white pigs gracing your tootsies.

Great for all purpose wear, athletic wear, making yourself-smile-wear and wear-it-anywhere!

Whether you have roast-beef or none, whether you stay home or not, get your piggies covered in these Green Piggy Socks.

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buy Cute Kids Penguin Backpack

Cute Kids Penguin Backpack

Cute Kids Penguin Winter Backpack

What is the cutest backpack imaginable?

Easily the Penguin Skip-Hop-Zoo Winter backpack! Immeasurably cute! It even has a identical (plush) clip on character you can attach anywhere! This adorable (BPA-free and phthalate-free) bag has adjustable padded straps and an insulated pouch to keep food warm or cold.

Perfect for kids of all ages, (3 years or older) so much fun for day trips, picnics, nursery school or kindergarten! Versatile mesh bottle pocket keeps drinks handy with easy access.

Your little ones can start learning how to take care of lovely things with this pack that will double as a friend! Complete with a name tag inside that will maintain it’s rightful owner!

Imagine your little one smiling with delight as they carry this flightless bird full of lunch or healthy snacks or whatever they need to take with them! Just like big people do!

Get your little loved one of these Penguin Backpacks.

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buy Bald Eagle Wall Clock

Bald Eagle Wall Clock

Strength and majestic stature are displayed in this bold wooden quartz movement bald eagle wall clock.

Measuring 11 1/2” x 14 3/4” this timepiece reminds those viewing “It is the exuberance of a sunrise, and the calmness of a sunset, that can keep your heart in tune with the world around you.”
The beautiful graphic of the bald eagle is printed directly onto real wood.

The clock is powered by a single AA battery.

This American Expedition wall clock will be welcome on any proud American’s wall. We move within the same confines of the time each man gets in a day, and we are free.

Get your Bald Eagle Wall Clock

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buy Panda Bear Kite

Panda Bear Kite

Panda Bear Kite

Gawrsh, this kite is just cute!! You can take your panda to the sky with this large “easy flier” kite, complete with 300 feet of 30 pound test kite string and winder.

So awesome the panda sweetly clings to the bamboo chute, while flying high in the sky! Extremely simple to set up, this time honored tradition of kite flying can be enjoyed by anyone five years or older.

It might just renew the tender best of your child-like qualities, and you are guaranteed to be the provider of smiles to anyone who beholds it. Measures 46×65 inches, it rolls up easily and could fit in your car spring to fall, so when the magical moment moves you – voila! spontaneous joy for all those involved.

Get your family this fun looking Panda Bear Kite.

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buy Rhinoceros Bookends

Rhinoceros Bookends

Rhinoceros bookends

You are a lover of adventure in reading and life. You have your own classic and majestic sense of style.

Book-end your books with this imported, elegant antique inspired rhinoceros pair of bookends. This prized beast will protect your eclectic collection of books, from cover to cover, front to finish.

Made out of resin, the rhino is accentuated by a faux-distressed finish to complement their effect.  Appropriately sized at approximately 6×6.25×3 inches and 6x4x3 inches.

Why not have your own set of Rhinoceros Bookends.

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buy Dog Face Handbag

Dog Face Handbag

Dog Face Handbag

A girl and her dog (handbag) – a new bestie?

It’s all in the details with this adorable handbag from rock & roll favourite American designer Betsey Johnson! Punk chic doggie – the bag has *bite*!

Where else can you accessorize this amount of over the top punch to your wardrobe for just a fist of full of 10s?

The ador(n)ing mug of the pug on the handbag has a heart studded collar – further accentuated by golden hardware and a chain-wrapped strap.

Rock it like you own it. You are the true owner?? Then“Claim it!” by ordering your own Pug Handbag.

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buy Inner Sloth T-Shirt

Inner Sloth T-Shirt

Inner Sloth T-Shirt

Express your inner-Sloth! Do you feel like doing anything today…. HECK NO!!  So let people know with this clever sloth representation.

A furry marsupial that is at once endeared and representative of one of the most understandable of the deadly sins – chillaxing – slacking – being a freaking SLOTH!!

Check out the claws on this relaxed individual. They don’t go “SNKKT!” but their laid back, understated presence would get the attention of Xcellent Wolverine and even the highly antagonizing honey badger..!

You are the king of indifference, and this could not be more clear now that you are wearing your sloth t-shirt!  Choose your color and size, Heavyweight 6.1 oz 100% cotton T.   His poker-face half smile is money.

Go ahead, treat yourself to this chill piece of cool. Get it your own Sloth T-Shirt.

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buy Frog Shaped Doormat.

Frog Shaped Doormat.

It’s a FROG! What did you think it was. Clearly a ribbiting, hoppy hoppy, jumping big eyed old frog! And it is a doormat to.

He will great your guests at the front door! He will make them LAUGH!  That is his first goal.

He is also there to serve in the manner of a door mat, stomp on this frog, knock the mud off your footwear, he don’t care!  He’s just a big grinning friend that will provide a smile to many.

What’s not to love?  Don’t worry about loosing the fibres that make the texture of this mat so awesome, shedding of this frog mat is limited because it’s coco-fibres are compressed into a non-skid backing.

Get your Frog Shaped Doormat.

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buy Beagle Breed Bobblehead

Beagle Breed Bobblehead

Beagle dog Bobblehead

Hey Beagle lovers! What a great idea for a memento. This little guy will capture your heart when he bobbles his head on your car dash, your office desk, or bedroom table.

The exquisite quality of this hand painted, four and a quarter inch tall resin pet will ensures that this gift will be well received by any dog owner, breeder, lover or aficionado.

Take one home today!  You know you want this “doggy in the window”!
So lets not wait just get your own Beagle Bobblehead.

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buy Labrador Bookends

Labrador Bookends

laborador dog bookends

Why are so many dog lovers, also lovers of literature? There are few things in life you can trust to always be there for you.

Showcase some class with these bronze sculpted labrador bookends.

Standing (resting) 5″ H x 3.5″ W  the beautifully formed dogs will be sure to add a sense of warmth and comfort to any bookcase they are placed upon.
Functioning to ensure your prized books are secure and upright, these bronze cast companions will  serve you for a lifetime.
Quiet and pensive, each dog is unique, and realistic in body posture and facial expression.

If you have books that need some dog support then check out these Labrador Bookends.

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