buy Cat Jigsaw Puzzle

Cat Jigsaw Puzzle

Cat jigsaw puzzle

Any cat lover or jigsaw puzzle lover will be thrilled with this puzzle.

Bright calico , gingham and intricate designs are interwoven around this happy cat sitting with a cup of tea.

Large 1000 piece project, this puzzle measures 24 x 30 when finished, appropriate age to tackle this project is teens and older.

The puzzle wizard will have fun assembling the intricate border that surrounds the cat, and the patterns of the cat itself intermingle with the background colors, quite the job!

Made of 100 % recycled material and manufactured in the U.S.A., this cat jigsaw puzzle can be done and redone several times providing fun and challenges each time.

An amazingly chalaging puzzle for hours of fun so check out this Painted Cat Jigsaw Puzzle.

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