buy Roaring Tiger Clothing Patch

Roaring Tiger Clothing Patch

Clothing patches are a great way to fix clothing or make them look amazing and now there is a roaring tiger clothing patch.

The patch shows the head of a bengal tiger and it is having it’s mouth open and does not look friendly.

The patch is an iron on patch so you don’t even have to get needle and tread but it could be a good to sew it on too.

A patch like this will make clothing and accessories look amazing, just think about this patch on your hat, or backpack. But a patch like this is great on holes in clothing and jackets too.

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buy Tiger Wine Bottle Holder

Tiger Wine Bottle Holder

If you like your bottles of wines to be stored in a fun way then you should look at this tiger wine bottle holder.

The bottle holder is a Begal tiger cub that is lying on it’s back and then you put a wine bottle of choice in his paws and mouth and then it looks like this tiger is drinking your wine and sure the animal seems a bit young for drinking wine but don’t forget that the bottle is still closed.

A tiger bottle holder like this is a great decoration piece in you wine chellar or on the kitchen counter.

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buy Tiger Half Skin Womens T-Shirt

Tiger Half Skin Womens T-Shirt

Watch out tiger lovers because this fierce looking bengal tiger looks like he’s ready to go on the prowl.

You will look fierce and go out on the prowl while you wear this unique looking half skin tiger t-shirt.

Its a multicolored, tiger half skin t-shirt and as a photo of a tiger that looks like he’s ready for some action.

This unique woman’s tiger t-shirt is made from a eco water based ink that makes the tiger become a part of the t-shirt.

Made out of 100% microfiber poly for a soft comfortable wear. Also it a tagless t-shirt for all women who always end up cutting the tags of their t-shirts.

So go out and be a tiger when you wear this Tiger Half Skin T-Shirt.

National Geographic Bengal Tiger Mousepad

National Geographic Bengal Tiger Mousemat

The Bengal Tiger, such a huge and powerful creature. Yet this is a face you can not help but love.

An amazing picture of a Bengal Tiger from National Geographic is the feature of this mousepad, with awsome detail and vibrant colors this National Geographic Bengal Tiger mousepad would look great at home or in the office.

Measuring 11 inches x 9 inches x 0.2 inches, this is a hard surface mousepad that prides itself on the realistic image of the Bengal Tiger. Also like most National Geographic products you will recieve a fact card that tells you some information about the Bengal Tiger.

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