buy Roaring Tiger Clothing Patch

Roaring Tiger Clothing Patch

Clothing patches are a great way to fix clothing or make them look amazing and now there is a roaring tiger clothing patch.

The patch shows the head of a bengal tiger and it is having it’s mouth open and does not look friendly.

The patch is an iron on patch so you don’t even have to get needle and tread but it could be a good to sew it on too.

A patch like this will make clothing and accessories look amazing, just think about this patch on your hat, or backpack. But a patch like this is great on holes in clothing and jackets too.

Get your Roaring Tiger Clothing Patch

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buy Owl Clothing Patch

Owl Clothing Patch

orange Owl Clothing Patch

People love owls and now you can make any fabric object into an owl object.

This clothing patch is orange and looks like a super cute little owl with huge eyes. The patch is 2.25 inch wide and 3 inch tall and is easy to just iron onto fabric but you can sew it on to.

Pants, shirts, hat, backpacks the options are limitless and that makes it so much fun.

A hole in your pants can now be decorated with a cute owl. And yes Kids will love this patch as much as adult owl lovers do.

I would stock up on this Orange Owl Clothing Patch.

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buy Leap Frog Patch

Leap Frog Patch

Leap Frog Patch

Everyone remembers the fun game leap frog, now why not show off your love for this game with a really cool iron on patch of a frog that is leaping.

This is a great quality embroidered patch of a frog that is in mid leap, with lots of detail including a red tongue, big white eyes and a lighter green outlining all legs and body, this will not disappoint for sure.

The leap frog patch measures 1.5 inches W X 1.5 inches H and is made to easily iron on to many different item like hats, caps bags and clothing just to name a few.

Try out this fun Leap Fog Patch.

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buy Rabbit Patch

Rabbit Patch

Rabbit clothing patch

Everyone remembers Thumper the Rabbit and now his image is available as a patch.

Use this iron on or sew on patch for covering a hole, identifying your property or as a decoration to a favorite item.

“Thumper” is made of 100% new material and the embroidered design is exquisite.

The ample size of 2 3/4″ wide x 3 1/2″ tall is great because it can cover something and show up large enough all at the same time.

Dress up your clothes with this Rabbit Clothing Patch.

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buy Bald Eagle Patch

Bald Eagle Patch

Bald eagle clothing patch

White and bright and worthy of respect is the eagle and it is beautifully depicted on this bald eagle patch.

Sew or iron this eagle patch, onto a pack, to your jeans to anyplace you want to add interest to.

This eagle is 3 1/4″ wide x 3 1/4″ tall , large enough to be seen or cover a hole and can help identify your property.

This bald eagle is silvery in color and comes with a bright yellow beak and a piercing glare.

Show allegiance to your country and your interest in wildlife with this striking eagle patch.

Make you clothes look amazing with this Bald Eagle Clothing Patch.

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buy Pink Poodle Clothing Patch

Pink Poodle Clothing Patch

Pink Poodle Clothing Patch

Now you can make your favorite clothing even better with this poodle clothing patch.

This cute dog patch is white with pink and can easily be sewn on you clothing.

T-shirt, pants, jacket, hat or backpacks can easily be converted into a Poodle item.

The clothing patch is 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 inch and will look stunning on your belongings.

So don’t wait come check out this Poodle Clothing Patch.

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buy Wolf Patch

Wolf Patch

wolf clothing patch

A wolf patch can cover a hole or maybe make a statement.

Made of new embroidered material, this patch is handy as an iron on piece or can be sewn in place to be re-used again and again.

The steel grey wolf head is embellished with black marking and icy green eyes.

This iron on wolf patch measures 3.25 wide X 3.50″ tall , large enough to be seen, handy enough to cover the obvious gaps.

Be sure of use this patch to identify all of your stuff, your pack, your hat, your jeans, your wolf is truly a great way to express yourself.

Dress up your clothes with this Wolf clothing Patch.

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buy Grey Wolf Face Patch

Grey Wolf Face Patch

The Grey Wolf is such a majestic and elegant looking animal, this is a patch that shows off it’s true colors.

This patch features a head shot of a Grey Wolf with great detail and awsome use of colors you can show off your love for the Grey Wolf by easily ironing on this patch or for a more sturdy and permanent look these patches can also be sewn on.

You can put this patch on many different things like suit cases, bags, hats, backpacks or articles of clothing.

Get your Grey Wolf Face Patch

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