buy Bear Full Body Pillow

Bear Full Body Pillow

It is time to get a really cool sleeping companion, well do not just get a boring plain pillow when this is an option.

This full body pillow features the cute design of a baby bear cub, black soft fur with all the details of a bear from a large head, paws, and belly. It is a giant pillow by using the soft plush head or paws this bear cub is great for anyone.

All four of the paws and belly are filled with bean sacks to give the paws and stomach weight and character. It measures 48 inches long and loves to cuddle.

You simply cuddle up to the bear and become one and then it is hibernation time.

Get your Bear Full Body Pillow

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buy Black Bear Tissue Box Cover

Black Bear Tissue Box Cover

We all know how boring tissue boxes look and how they never fit with the decorations in your home.

But now there is a tissue box cover that may change that.

This tissue box cover looks like a square piece of wood with a hole in the top where the tissues come out and this piece of wood is hold by a black bear that may have a cold.

Just image having one of these in your home or in the cabin in the woods.

No more pastel colored boxes in your home because the black bear just looks way better then your ordinary tissue box.

Get your Black Bear Tissue Box Cover

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buy Giant Black Bear Wall Decal

Giant Black Bear Wall Decal

Now you can have a black bear wall decal on your wall witch makes you feel closer to nature specially as it is a giant bear.

The wall decal of the black bear is 5.5 feet wide and 4 feet wide and that makes it like life size or close to it and that of course makes this just an unique piece on your wall and the bear brought his own piece of grass to stand on so it’s like almost like real nature on the wall you put him on.

Besides the big bear it also comes with some smaller bear decals that you could use as details to make the room complete.

Get your Giant Black Bear Wall Decal

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buy Plush Black Bear Rug

Plush Black Bear Rug

Plush Black Bear Rug for the kids room

Just imagine the kids room with a bear rug.

Ok not a real bear of course but how about a plush black bear like this one.

The black bear rug is soft and cuddly and great for lying on the ground on with the big bear head sticking out.

Kids and adults will love this rug just because it’s cute and great for cuddling. The bear rug is 20 x 38 inch and that is the perfect size for around the house without being in the way.

A black bear rug like this one is a lot better then a real bear and kids will enjoy it more to. So lets not wait any longer come and get your Plush Black Bear Rug.

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buy Black Bear Wall Toilet Paper Holder

Black Bear Wall Toilet Paper Holder

Black Bear Wall Toilet Paper Holder

Some say that toilet paper is part of the bare necessities, well if this is true then it only makes sense for a bear to help hold your roll of toilet paper.

This toilet paper holder features a very detailed black bears head and upper torso along with arms reaching out to grab and hold your toilet paper, finished nicely to look like a realistic black bear.

Made to be durable just like the rugged bear this toilet paper holder measures 7 inches x 6 inches and mounts easily onto the wall.

Accept the helping hand from the Black Bear Wall Toilet Paper Holder.

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buy Black Bear Cookie Jar

Black Bear Cookie Jar

Ceramic Bear shaped cookie jar

Does your cookies need protection from all the cookie monsters in your house?

Well this black bear cookie jars is up for the job to store and protect your cookies and keep them safe.

This cute ceramic bear cookie jar is in the shape of a big black bear sitting up holding onto a cookie.

It measures 10.5 inches in size so it won’t take up to much space on your kitchen counter.

The black bear will definitely add some style to your kitchen or wherever you decide to display your cookie jar.

Your cookies will be easy to find when they are inside this cute Black Bear Cookie Jar.

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buy Black Bear Face T-Shirt

Black Bear Face T-Shirt

Black Bear T-Shirt

The Mountain is known for making amazing looking animal t-shirt and this time they made a black bear t-shirt.

And this is not just a t-shirt with a picture of a black bear.
No the t-shirt is the face of the bear almost like you are wearing the bear and that the bear is ready to come out.

The black t-shirt  on the front is completely covered with the face of the bear.

Even though the shirt looks like a black bear it is just made from 100% cotton instead of bear skin.

And this black bear t-shirt comes in a wide range of sizes from small all the way to 5XL.

Start wearing a bear by simply getting this Black Bear Face T-Shirt.

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buy Black Bear Golf Club Head Cover

Black Bear Golf Club Head Cover

Golf clubs can use some protecting from dings and other damage and that is why head covers are so handy.

Just slip them over you club and the head cover will protect your golf club.

This golf club head cover looks like a black bear and not only is it cute to have an animal head cover it also makes it easier to find the right club.

This black bear golf club head cover will make you the bear of the fairway.

Get your Black Bear Golf Club Head Cover

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buy Bear Family Shower Curtain

Bear Family Shower Curtain

bear shower curtain

Are you looking for that perfect shower curtain for you home or cabin?

If you like bears then this one could be the perfect shower curtain for you.

On the curtain you can see a mother bear and her two black bear cubs all in their natural habitat.

The black bear shower curtain is made from polyester and is the standard shower curtain size of 70 x 72 inch.

Not only will this shower curtain be special it is almost like a work of art for you bathroom.

So if you are looking at decorating your shower then you should check out this Bear Family Shower Curtain.

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buy Black Bear Address Labels

Black Bear Address Labels

Bear Address Lables

How do you mark your belongings that you lend out to people?

A simple address label would be the perfect solution and it’s not only handy for lending stuff out it is great for mail to or just to give someone you information.

And if you are in to bears then you are in luck because now you can get black bear address labels.

So not only do you have all your information on a nice label, there will be a black bear picture next to it to make it even better.

These bear address labels are 3.5 x 4.5 inch and have rounded corner and can hold up to 4 lines of information.
And this information does not have to be your address it can be almost anything you can imagine.

You can get these black bear address labels in sets of 132 or 264 and the last set is a super deal so you should check it out.

Time to mark your belongings with these Black Bear Address Labels.

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