buy Tabby Cat Tissue Box Holder

Tabby Cat Tissue Box Holder

We all know that tissue boxes are boring but you can store one inside this tabby cat tissue box holder and then it will be fun.

The orange cat is made from resin which makes it strong and detailed and inside the cat there is room for a square tissue box and then the tissues will come from the bum of the cat which is funny especially for kids but also for adults.

Give up on plain and boring tissue boxes and just give them a tissue box cover and this one is just perfect for anyone that loves cats or animals in general.

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buy Squirrel Tissue Cover

Squirrel Tissue Cover

Tissue boxes are boring and that is why you need this squirrel tissue cover.

It looks like a piece of wood with a squirrel on top, inside the log you put your tissues and the squirrel on top will try to keep it all for itself but from there you find the right amount of tissue paper for your needs.

Besides tissue, you can even put toilet paper in it and use it next to the toilet to replace a boring toilet roll holder.

A tissue cover like this is great for a cabin in the woods or any home that just want fun things and this squirrel is fun.

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buy Black Bear Tissue Box Cover

Black Bear Tissue Box Cover

We all know how boring tissue boxes look and how they never fit with the decorations in your home.

But now there is a tissue box cover that may change that.

This tissue box cover looks like a square piece of wood with a hole in the top where the tissues come out and this piece of wood is hold by a black bear that may have a cold.

Just image having one of these in your home or in the cabin in the woods.

No more pastel colored boxes in your home because the black bear just looks way better then your ordinary tissue box.

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