buy Metal Monkey Bottle Opener

Metal Monkey Bottle Opener

Now even a monkey can open a bottle because this is a metal monkey bottle opener.

The bottle opener is made from cast iron and hand painted to give it a rust look so that it looks like it is a bottle opener that has been a opener for a long time.

And as this bottle opener looks so nice it will be one of those pieces you will be using every time you have to pop a bottle top.

The metal monkey can also stand on it’s own so it will feel like this monkey is staring at you as if it was saying that it want you to have a beer.

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buy Penguin Corkscrew

Penguin Corkscrew

This penguin corkscrew is what you need to open that bottle of wine.

No longer is there a need for having boring corkscrews because this corkscrew is cute strong and perfect for anyone that like birds.

The corkscrew has a metal 5 turn design with a soft plastic outside finish.

The penguin is white and black of course and even his little feet are on it.

Now we know what penguins and wine have in common.

And this penguin corkscrew comes in a nice gift box so that it also becomes a great present.

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buy Cartoon Cow Bottle Opener

Cartoon Cow Bottle Opener

If you like cows and want a nee bottle opener then this is just what you need.

This round bottle opener is black on the back with the opener and it has a magnet so that it can hang on the fridge and on the from you can see the face of a really cute cartoon style cow.

The cow bottle opener is 2 1/4″ in diameter and is great for beer and soda bottles and because it is magnetic it can always be hanging close to where your bottles are.

The cow image is protected by a UV film so that it stays in great shapes for a long time and in that time it will keep smiling at you.

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buy Grey Wolf Credit Card Style Bottle Opener

Grey Wolf Credit Card Style Bottle Opener

Having a bottle opener handy is a good thing and now you can have one in your wallet and this opener also has a wolf on it.

This credit card wolf bottle opener is made from stainless steel so that it’s tough and will withstand time. On the front and the back of the bottle opener you can see the image of a grey work while he is staring at that drink you are trying to open.

The metal bottle opener is 2 x 3.25 inch and has a protective coating on it to so that the wolf will be staying in shape much longer.

Get your Grey Wolf Credit Card Style Bottle Opener

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buy Dolphin Bottle Opener

Dolphin Bottle Opener

Dolphin Cast Iron Bottle Opener

If you like dolphins and a drink then you have to look at this bottle opener.

This bottle opener is shaped like a 7 inch long dolphin and the back fin is the bottle opener.

And this is not a cheap plastic bottle opener that breaks after one time use, this bottle opener is made from cast iron and that means it’s strong and will last for a long long time.

A metal dolphin bottle opener is different but it really looks nice and isn’t that what you deserve?

Why wait when you need a bottle opener come get this Dolphin Bottle Opener.

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buy Shark Bottle Opener

Shark Bottle Opener

Shark Bottle Opener

Do not let another shark week go by without getting this awesome Jaws bottle opener.

The legendary man-eating shark from the hit movie Jaws can now be yours but instead of eating people this one will open up your favourite bottle of soda or perhaps something a little stronger.

Do you have a Jaws collection? This great white shark bottle opener comes in a good-looking slide out box perfect for displaying.

This collectible bottle opener is made of stainless steel so you know it is strong like Jaws, and measures 6” x 1 ½” x 3 1/2”.

So relax with a beverage and watch Jaws on your big screen when you use this Shark Bottle Opener.

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buy Bulldog Bottle Opener

Bulldog Bottle Opener

Bulldog bottle opener

A bulldog bottle opener is so unique, it is a must have!

This growly faced bulldog is painted with bright white teeth that snap open your bottle .

Made of iron, the sturdy bulldog bottle opener is fastened to any surface by screws thru the ears and one below the chin to insure a good grip on a bottle.

This opener is 3½” wide x 1½” deep and 4″tall large enough to make bottle opening a breeze.

Be sure to think of all the places, not just a bar, where this handy bulldog bottle opener will be needed, and don’t forget those bulldog lovers on your list.

Time for a beer opened with your new Bulldog Bottle Opener.

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buy Bear Bottle Opener

Bear Bottle Opener

Bear head bottle opener

Handy and hardy is this bear head bottle opener.

Wall mount securely to any surface using the predrilled screw holes which acutally are made to be the bear’s ears.

The mouth has the growly fangs that ‘catch’ the bottle caps for your easy opening.

Bear head bottle opener is made of sturdy cast iron and is hand painted dark brown.

This is a great gift for the cabin, den, basement, or anywhere you need the strength of a bear bottle opener!

Get ready for a drink by using this Bear Head Bottle Opener.

buy Shark Bottle Opener

Shark Bottle Opener

A shark shaped bottle opener

Your life will never be the same.

This shark shaped bottle opener is gone change your life.

No more looking for that boring opener you normally used. Now opening a bottle of beer or anything else will be so much better because you bottle opener is in the shape of a shark.

Get your shark ready for a party by ordering your own Shark Bottle Opener.

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