buy Pig Christmas Desk Light

Pig Christmas Desk Light

This piggy is ready for Christmas.

It is a desk light that looks like a cute pink pig and even wears a Santa hat in red and white and a green beard. And this light just plugs into a USB port so that it can light up and even change color.

And as it runs on USB power you can use it almost anywhere from your desk at work too in the car using a USB power bank.

Just imagine the Christmas joy this funny pig will bring and it even brings light to the dark so it is a win win for Christmas pig.

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buy Cow String Lights

Cow String Lights

Now you can have cows on your Christmas tree thanks to this cow string light.

The string light has 10 plastic cows on them and all this cattle is white with black spots and ready to light up your home.

Besides the Christmas tree, you can choose to use these cows to just light up your room as they are cute and just great companions especially if you like cows.

Your Christmas tree will look perfect to thanks to these amazing lights that look way better than boring Christmas lights and the cows just fit in with all the Christmas decorations and even your nativity scene.

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buy Pigs Christmas String Light

Pigs Christmas String Light

This Christmas you can have pigs in your tree all thanks to this pig string lights that has little pigs as lights.

The pigs are great for in your Christmas tree but can be used as room decorations to as they look great decorative pieces especially if you like pigs.

The string light has 10 pigs on it and comes with 4 spare bulbs and a fuse so that you can keep using it for a long time.

Just imagine pigs in your Christmas tree instead of those boring normal lights, pigs are way cuter and these once don’t even smell like real pigs and don’t make sounds either.

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buy Pit Bull Ceramic Christmas Ornament

Pit Bull Ceramic Christmas Ornament

Now you can have a dog in your Christmas tree thanks to this pit bull ornament.

This is a ceramic ornament that is white on one side and black on the other and on the black side, you also find an image of a white pit bull.

The dog ornament comes in many shapes like heart, oval, round, star and more and each ornament has it’s own gold colored ribbon so that it is ready for in the Christmas tree.

Show your love for pit bulls by adding this ornament to your Christmas decorations and be ready to add it to your tree for many more Christmases to come.

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buy Santa Jaws Is Coming Christmas Ornament

Santa Jaws Is Coming Christmas Ornament

This Christmas tree ornament is all about sharks and Christmas.

The snowflake shaped ornament shows a happy looking shark wearing a Santa Claus hat and around it the text “Santa Jaws Is Coming…”.

The cute ornament will look great in your Christmas tree and can hang there on the included red ribbon.

So if sharks and Christmas go together for you then adding this fun looking ornament to your Christmas decorations would be a great thing.

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buy Christmas Baby Elephant Ornament

Christmas Baby Elephant Ornament

If you would like a cute animal ornament in the Christmas tree then the elephant ornament is what you want to look at.

The ornament is snowflake shape and comes with a red hanging ribbon and on the snowflake, you can see a cute baby elephant that is wearing a Santa hat to be all festive and fun.

The ornament is made from aluminium so nice and thin and made to last and all that makes it just perfect for your Christmas tree or home decorating.

Bring an elephant into your home this Christmas and maybe it can be in the form of this tree ornament.

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buy Corgi Merry Christmas Ornament

Corgi Merry Christmas Ornament

Now you can have a welsh corgi in your Christmas tree thanks to this special tree ornament.

This ceramic ornament is white and has a gold ribbon to hang it with. On the white ornament, you can see a cute corgi all ready to be Santa as it has a bag of presents on it’s back and there are candy canes as well. And besides the cute dog, it also says in red letters “Merry Christmas” on the ornament.

And besides round, you can get this corgi ornament also in different shapes like heart and star shape but there are more to choose from.

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buy Red Fox Christmas Stocking

Red Fox Christmas Stocking

We all need a Christmas stocking so that Santa can deliver it’s smaller presents and if you like foxes then this is the stocking for you.

This Christmas stocking is just plain red on the back but the front shows a fun Christmas pattern in the background with on top of that a fox wearing glasses and a Santa hat and to make it easier for Santa Claus to find you stocking you can choose to have your name printed on their as well at no extra cost.

And this fox stocking is available in many different fabric’s, sizes, and even double sided print so that you get the stocking that fits you and Santa’s needs best.

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buy Border Collie Christmas Tree Skirt

Border Collie Christmas Tree Skirt

If border collies are the dog of your choice then you are going like this tree skirt for the Christmas tree.

The tree skirt is white with on it two rows of green and red Christmas foliage and in the middle row, you find 5 border collies all ready to celebrate the holidays with you.

The Christmas tree skirt is great for hiding the ugly legs of your tree and makes it look all clean and neat. The border collie tree skirt has a diameter of 44 inches and is available in different fabrics so that you get the skirt around the tree that you like best.

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buy Ceramic Pug Christmas Ornament

Ceramic Pug Christmas Ornament

If you would like a Christmas ornament with a pug on it then you can stop looking as we found it.

This doggy ornament comes in many shapes like round, star, heart, and more and all are made from ceramic and come with a gold thread for hanging.

And this ornament has a white background and on that a pug that is wearing the hat of Santa Claus and a red bow tie. And you will see a closeup of the pug on one side and a full body shot on the other side so that from each angle the dog will look different and festive.

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