Nesting Wood Duck Lamp

Nesting wood duck lamp

This is an amazing looking lamp with tons of details and it is hand painted.

This lightstand is a nesting wood duck. You see one duck inside a nesting spot and one sitting on top. The details are amazing and this lamp will look amazing in your home.

It includes a nice lamp shade so that you are ready to go.

You just have see a closer look at this Nesting Wood Duck Lamp.

Rubber Ducky Flip Flops

rubber ducky flip flops Yes flip flops are handy when you go that the pool or the beach but they never seem to really fit in that well. But those days are over because now you can have flip flops that have rubber ducks printed all over them. Now you just have to hope those ducks stay on the flip flop and don’t jump of to go for a swim them selfs. You can get these flip flops in kids and adult sizes and that makes them perfect for the whole family. Get ready for the beach by packing your Rubber Ducky Flip Flops.

buy Duck LED Ballpoint Pen

Duck LED Ballpoint Pen

Ducky Ballpoint pen with sound and build in light

Yes a cute yellow duck is part of this ballpoint pen.

And this pen is not just a regular pen no it is much more. First off the pen has a ducks head on top witch can quake like a real duck and it has a LED light build in to it’s beak.

Of course you can write with it to and the retractable  pen will write in black.

If you want a special pen that people will smile at then you have to get this Duck LED Ballpoint Pen.