buy Live Like It’s Shark Week Key Chain

Live Like It’s Shark Week Key Chain

If you like sharks and would like to organize your keys then come see this Live Like It’s Shark Week Key Chain.

The shark key chain has a nice strong key loop that is great at holding your keys and there are two charms on it too that can live with your keys. On charm is a shark and the other one is an engraved plate that says “Live Like It’s Shark Week”.

So now you can carry around your keys and a shark because of this cool key chain that makes you think about Shark Week every time you get your keys.

Get your Live Like It’s Shark Week Key Chain

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buy Llama Plush Key Chain

Llama Plush Key Chain

Now there is an adorable Llama Plush Key Chain.

The llama key chain is a plush llama that is about 6 inches tall (not counting its ears and clip) and comes with a nice big clip so that you can easily clip it to a backpack, bag, keys, or anything else that you can clip things too.

Having you own personal llama with you where every you go that is just really fun.

Anyone that loves llama’s or plush animals can now have this fun key chain as the llama look great as a key chain and they make for fun presents too.

Get your Llama Plush Key Chain

buy Elephant Couples Keychains

Elephant Couples Keychains

If you like to have matching key chains with your loved one then you should check out this elephant couples keychains.

The set includes two elephants and when you put them together the trunks align.

The elephants are made from metal and are great for hanging on your keys or maybe even your bag. The elephants don’t have the same color. You can get set with silver and gold, silver and pink, and black and gold.

And these fun elephants come in a nice gift box so that you can give them to the love of your life and then you can have fun and matching elephants to go with your keys.

Get your Elephant Couples Keychains

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buy Rhinoceros Magnetic Key Chain Holder

Rhinoceros Magnetic Key Chain Holder

Keep yourself organized with this great metal rhinoceros magnetic key chain that attaches itself to a plaque that you can place anywhere you want.

The plaque look like any type of trophy plaque with a magnet in the middle. The metal rhinoceros head is the key chain with a ring through its nose. The head attaches to the plaque to look like a trophy and to keep your keys in the right place.

This unique rhino key chain comes in two pieces. The plaque that you can put where ever you would like to hang your keys and the key chain itself. The plaque measures 1.5 inches by 1.25 inches and is made of beechwood and includes a magnet. The key chain measures 1 inch by 1 inch by 1 inch and is made of metal.

Get your Rhinoceros Magnetic Key Chain Holder

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buy Trophy Tiger Key Holder

Trophy Tiger Key Holder

Trophy Tiger Key Holder

It really bites when you can’t find your keys! Well, turn that around! A tiger’s head biting your key ring and holding it on your behalf will prevent you from ever losing them again!

This imaginative and regal looking key holder features the (metal) head of an tiger, mounted on a scaled down beechwood plaque. This jungle cat’s impressive teeth (the feline’s canines) will be guarding your key chain until you need your keys! It has a magnet to secure it in place, and comes complete with a key-ring. The pantheric key holder is “out of the box” ready.

Never be frustrated searching for your %&!!@! keys again!

No Tony the tigers were hurt in the making of this practical and great looking home accessory, so even our wild cats think it’s great! (They have tiny man-head key holders in their dens, so it all balances..)

The key thing to keep in mind about this great gift, is that it serves to keep your keys, so you have peace of mind! Affordably priced, even a couple of these would be a great idea for you (or a gift for a family member or friend) one for the bedroom, one for the kitchen for example.

Do yourself a huge favor. Pounce on this great deal!

Get yourself a Tiger Head Key Holder.

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buy Welsh Corgi Mirrored Acrylic Keychain

Welsh Corgi Mirrored Acrylic Keychain

Welsh Corgi key chain

Are your always looking for your  keys? Do you love welsh corgi dogs?

Well, this cute little Welsh corgi mirrored keychain will help you find your keys more quickly and will keep you looking good.

This brown and white welsh corgi key chain is laser cut into the shape of a corgi dog image and has a convenient mirror for the back.

It is 3.8 x 2 x 0.2 inches in size so it won’t take up much room in  your purse or your pocket.

The corgi dog key chain would be great for the kids too and the girls will love the mirror on the back.

Keep your keys safe on this cute Welsh Corgi Mirrored Acrylic Key Chain.

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buy Pug Key Chain

Pug Key Chain

Pug Key Chain
Do you like pugs?

If so then how about a cute pug key chain?

This key chain is made from pewter and has a part of a pug on it and that includes the head witch is staring at your right now.

A cute key chain like this is great for holding your keys or just to be kept to decorate things like a bag or jacket.
This key chain also as a little paw print charm to make it an even better key chain.

Dog lover are gone go crazy over the details of this key chain and that makes this the perfect gift.

Come and check out this Pug Key Chain.

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buy Boston Terrier Key Chain

Boston Terrier Key Chain

Boston Terrier Key Chain dog

If you favorite dog is the boston terrier then you are in luck.

This amazing looking key chain looks exactly like your favorite dog.

At 2 inch this key chain is ideal for you keys but you can use it for so much more.
For instance you can use this boston terrier key chain as a zipper pull on your jacket or decorate you backpack or handbag.

Looking for the perfect gift for a dog owner? This key chain can be it.

Come and have a closer look at this Boston Terrier Key Chain.

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buy Owl Key Chain With Light And Sound

Owl Key Chain With Light And Sound

Owl key chain with light and sounds

Now be organized and safe with a owl LED key chain that gives a hoot!

Adorable little owl flashlight not only shows you the lock but sends a hoot hoot sound when the button is pushed.

The size is 2 x 1.25 x 1.5-inches and fits comfortably in your hand for those times when a purse sized or pocket sized safety light is needed.

A key attachment is found a the top of the LED owl head and the flashlight eyes are perfect for opening doors and locks at night or dark areas.

Operated by 3 round flat batteries , which are included, this owl keychain is ultra bright and can be noisy too so if you push the button, be ready for a surprise!

Before it gets dark come check out this Owl Key Chain With Light And Sound.

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buy Moose Key Chain

Moose Key Chain

Moose metal key chain

Instead of a boring key chain, why not keep your keys on an interesting moose key chain?

The body of the moose is made of wrought iron and powder coated for long life.

It is distinctive in it’s matt black silhoutte of a moose , and of course comes with a slip ring for the keys.

Whether you are close to nature or not , this moose key ring is as unique as a moose!

Get a new key chain for your home or cabin and let it be this Moose Key Chain.

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