buy Giraffe iPad Decal Sticker

Giraffe iPad Decal Sticker

Giraffe iPad Decal Sticker

So you have an iPad, iPad 2 or even the 3e and 4e generation iPad and you like Giraffes?

How about dressing the back up with a big giraffe that likes to eat an apple?

This decal is easy to attach and does makes it look like there is an giraffe on your iPad that loves apples.

No more boring plain back on your iPad when you dress it up with an animal sticker like this.

Come and get your own Giraffe iPad Decal Sticker.

buy 3 Animal Canvas Art Prints

3 Animal Canvas Art Prints

3 Animal Canvas Art Prints


Do you have a kids room to decorate?

If so then you should have a look at this fun set of 3 pieces of art.

These are stretched canvasses with a different animal on each of them.

You can find one with:

  • giraffe
  • monkey
  • elephant

And of course each has the same size of 12 x 12 inch and they are all in the same color and style so that they make the perfect set on one wall.

Teach your kids how fun animals are with these Cute Animal Canvas Set.

buy Cute Giraffe Sweater

Cute Giraffe Sweater

Are you looking for a nice cute sweater for the cold days?

If you like giraffes then you are in luck.

This sweater looks like a knitted sweater and on top of that they sown a cute giraffe.

The neck of this giraffe sweater is round and the sweater has a loose fit.

You can get this sweater in the colors pink, white, yellow and green and all of those will look amazing on you.

Get your Cute Giraffe Sweater

buy Giraffe Kids Animal Slippers

Giraffe Kids Animal Slippers

Giraffe Kids Animal Slippers

How can you keep your kids feet warm?

I know it is difficult to make them wear anything around the house.
But maybe if you get them some fun footwear that would change.

These slippers are giraffes nice and plush and with the long neck sticking out in front.

And these giraffe slippers come in a wide range of toddler and kids sizes.

Get their feet warm by putting them in these Giraffe Animal Slippers.

buy Giraffe And Friend T-Shirt

Giraffe And Friend T-Shirt

Giraffe t-shirt with his friend to

Whimsical looking giraffe character has a ‘friend’ trolling his way up giraffe’s long neck.

Who would have thought that this would be great on a t-shirt?

Well, the background for this fun couple is 100% cotton and the dark black color is perfect to accentuate the overly long neck of the giraffe and his guest.

Available in sizes small thur 3 X large, wash this soon to be favorite t-shirt in cold water to retain the color and hang to dry to retain the shape of the garment.

The orange brown giraffe and his buddy is printed on the back of this t-shirt as well, so be prepared when you are wearing this, you will get comments coming and going.

Come check out all the options of this Giraffe and Friend T-Shirt.

buy Giraffe Night Shirt

Giraffe Night Shirt

Giraffe ladies pajamas

Relax into this roomy giraffe night shirt and forget the day.

Made of 100 % combed cotton and preshrunk to be ready to wear.

This nightie is available in sizes small/medium , 35 inches long and 44 inches at the hip and large/X large which is 35 ” long and 52 around the hip.

Color background is black and nicely accentuated the family of sleepy eyed giraffes.

The giraffes with their brown on beige pattern are pictured below the words “It’s been a Looong Day”.

So whether you are lounging about or ready for bed be sure your giraffe night shirt is washed in cold water, hung to dry assuring you will always have this favorite apparel ready for when you need to be comfortable.

When ready to dream about a safari you should first change into your It’s been a Looong Day Giraffe Nightshirt.

buy Sophie The Giraffe Teether

Sophie The Giraffe Teether

Sophie The Giraffe Teether

Let Sophie the giraffe help you and your little one through the dificult time of teething.

This is a teether that is in the shape of a giraffe, with a fun friendly face and wonderful spotted markings you can be sure your little one will be drawn to Sophie the giraffe.

Made of 100% natural rubber and food paint it is BPA free and very flexible, Sophie the giraffe has lots of parts for your baby to chew like ears, horns and legs.

Help sooth your baby with Sophie The Giraffe Teether.

buy Colorful Giraffe T-Shirt

Colorful Giraffe T-Shirt

The beautiful giraffe mixed with a touch of music.

Have a close look at this t-shirt it features three giraffes from the neck up with a very cool pattern on them, music staffs in blue and great colorful patterns filling in the rest.

Made to be very comfortable and durable, find it in sizes Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, 2XLarge and 3XLarge, also you can get this colorful giraffe design printed on 21 different colors of t-shirts and check out the available styles as well.

Get your Colorful Giraffe T-Shirt