buy 2018 Horses Wall Calendar

2018 Horses Wall Calendar

2018 will be the year that you can have an amazing horses wall calendar.

As you know horses come in many different kinds and colors as they all look different just like humans and that is why on this calendar you can find many different horse in amazing images and there are many seasons on this 2018 calendar too.

Each month you will find at least one different horse to look at and below the image of the horse you find a great grid with all the dates of that month and with all the major holiday already filled out and with plenty of room for your important appointments and reminders.

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buy Merry Christmas Horse Pillow

Merry Christmas Horse Pillow

If you like horses and Christmas then you have to check out this Merry Christmas horse pillow.

The pillow has a blue background and on it, you can see the head of a horse and the animal is wearing Santa’s hat and it is saying “Merry Christmas!” because even a horse like a nice holiday.

You can get this as a pillow or just a pillow case so that you can use it with your own pillow. And the size of the horse pillow is 16 x 16 inches.

Just throw this horse pillow on a couch or chair in your home and even the furniture looks festive and is ready for Christmas.

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buy Swirl Horse Travel Mug

Swirl Horse Travel Mug

If you would like your coffee to go and you like horses then you just need this horse travel mug.

The travel mug is white with a black lid and on the white mug, you can see a swirl of paint which becomes a horse and that just looks stunning and really unique.

The horse mug is a ceramic double walled mug with a black lid that is made to prevent spillage. Inside the mug offers room for 12oz of your favorite drink and it does not matter if you like your hot coffee in their or a cool orange juice this mug is just perfect for almost any drink you enjoy.

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buy Horse Stress Toy

Horse Stress Toy

If you like horses and you have stress then you need this horse stress toy.

The stress toy looks like a cute brown horse with black and white socks.

Now when you feel stressed or angry you can squeeze an animal and you will feel so much better and when you are done squeezing the horse will go back to its original foam horse shape and it will be ready for next time.

The horse figure is just cute so even if you have no stress at all you can put one on your desk just as decoration.

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buy Horses Rolling Pin

Horses Rolling Pin

If you like baking and horses then you have to check out this horses rolling pin.

The wooden rolling pin has a rolling width of 10 inches and is 2 inches in diameter.

On the rolling pin, you can see horses that are cut out of it so that they will show up in your baking. Just imagine cookies or cakes with horses on them.

The rolling pin shows rows and rows of horses and they are big and small horses and the pattern just look real fun and perfect for some fun time in the kitchen.

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buy Running Horses On The Beach Throw Blanket

Running Horses On The Beach Throw Blanket

If you like horses and want a fun throw blanket then you have to check out this fleece horses blanket.

The horse blanket is 50 x 60 inch and shows a bunch of horse running at the beach with the sea right there and the sun has just set but the sky is still amazing looking.

It is a soft and warm blanket that is perfect for on the couch while watching TV or for on the bed and you can also use it on the go as a travel blanket or for a nice picknick in the park.

If you like horses and need a nice blanket then you just found what you need.

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buy Horse Phone Stand

Horse Phone Stand

If you want your phone to stand so that you can see the screen then you will need this horse phone stand.

The stand is made from wood and looks stunning and the little wooden horse even has a storage in its saddle that can hold coins that you have lying around.

The smartphone stand can hold you phone in portrait and landscape mode and if used in landscape mode you can even charge it while you can watch a video on it.

A horse like this is what every desk at home and the office needs because it will make it so much easier to see what notifications are coming in.

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buy 2017 Horse Yoga Wall Calendar

2017 Horse Yoga Wall Calendar

This wall calendar is something you won’t see in real life as it is a horse yoga calendar.

The 2017 wall calendar brings you a new yoga pose every month and yes they are all done by horses and there are many different horses in the calendar.

A calendar like this will make you and everyone else smile especially because it is just so strange and that makes it funny.

And a calendar like this also makes for the perfect gift for someone who loves horses and does yoga.

And the important calendar part is not forgotten, there is plenty of room on the calendar so that you never have to forget an important date again.

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buy Horse And Girl Spiral Notebook

Horse And Girl Spiral Notebook

This horse notebook is spiral bound and just perfect for many tasks at home, school, and the office.

On the front cover of the notebook, you can see a photo of a woman and her horse. The horse is black and the woman has black hair and is wearing latex formfitting outfit that makes he look a bit like Catwoman.

The notebook has 120 pages and you can pick the paper between lined or graph so that you can get notebook you need.

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buy Pencil Case With Horses

Pencil Case With Horses

Now there is a pencil case for people that like horses.

Young or old will love having this nice looking pencil case that has a light background with on it all kind of horses that are just playing around.

A pencil case like this is perfect for school, work, and for at home. Just store you pens, pencils, erasers and more inside the fun pencil case so that you never have to search for them again.

Surprise you child or a friend with this pencil case as it would be a great gift for anyone that likes horses or just animals.

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