buy Elephant Phone And Pencil Holder

Elephant Phone And Pencil Holder

We all have stuff cluttering our desks at home and at the office but this elephant phone and pencil holder is here to make the clutter less.

The wooden elephant is just fun looking and its trunk is a stand that you can use to hold your phone in both landscape or portrait mode and you could use it to hold different things to like cards or maybe posted notes.

The big back of the elephant has 3 holes in them and you can store pens and pencils in them and that way they don’t have to role of your desk anymore when not in use.

This wooden elephant is just versatile and fun and would look great on almost any desk.

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buy Horse Phone Stand

Horse Phone Stand

If you want your phone to stand so that you can see the screen then you will need this horse phone stand.

The stand is made from wood and looks stunning and the little wooden horse even has a storage in its saddle that can hold coins that you have lying around.

The smartphone stand can hold you phone in portrait and landscape mode and if used in landscape mode you can even charge it while you can watch a video on it.

A horse like this is what every desk at home and the office needs because it will make it so much easier to see what notifications are coming in.

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buy Wooden Rabbit Smartphone Stand

Wooden Rabbit Smartphone Stand

Nothing is more annoying than having to hold your phone while watching a youtube video with friends and for those occasions, they made this rabbit smartphone stand.

The rabbit phone stand is made from wood and is easy to slide together and is available in many fun colors.

If you have your phone on the rabbit stand then the bunny will still allow you to charge your phone as there is plenty of space when used in portrait or landscape mode.

Having this bunny phone stand on your desk makes it also perfect for video chatting or seeing you notifications more easily as you phone is standing up instead of lying down somewhere.

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buy Panda Bear Phone Stand And Money Bank

Panda Bear Phone Stand And Money Bank

Now you can have a money bank and a phone stand in one and it looks like a panda bear.

The ceramic panda bear has a money slot on the back and you can access the money through the bottom and his arms and legs are a smartphone stand so that your phone can stand up so that you can easily see when a notification comes in or you can use it to show videos.

The cute panda will look great on your desk and because it is a money bank to you can use it to save up for the next phone you want.

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buy Black Cat Smartphone Stand

Black Cat Smartphone Stand

If you want your phone to stand instead of just being flat on your desk then this black cat phone stand is what you need.

The black cat looks cute and is lying on it’s back so that you can stand you smartphone between it’s front and back legs.

Now you can have the cat with your phone standing on your desk so that you can see you screen so much easier and it may be great for watching videos too.

If you like cats then this is what you need and yes it does makeĀ for a fun gift for a cat-loving friend as well.

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