buy Rhino Cufflinks

Rhino Cufflinks

Rhino Cufflinks
Are you looking for some great looking cufflinks?

If you like safari animals then you should check these rhinoceros cufflinks.

And these great looking cufflinks come in a nice storage box so that you can keep these amazing cufflinks in great shape when you are not using them on your best suit.

You will be sure that people notice these special cufflinks that are not very common and that makes them special.

Come and have a closer look at these Rhinoceros Cufflinks.

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buy Swan Pendant Necklace

Swan Pendant Necklace

Swan Pendant necklace


Are you looking for that special gift for a loved one? Maybe some nice jewelry?

If so then you may have found it. This pendant necklace shows a beautiful swan with a body made out of a big crystal.

The bird itself is made from an 18k white gold plated alloy and it comes with an 40 cm long necklace.

If you would like a nice bird for around you neck then come check out this Swan Pendant Necklace.

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buy Sea Turtle Earrings

Sea Turtle Earrings

Sea Turtle Earrings

If you are looking for that one special gift for a turtle lover then you are in luck.

These are turtle earrings made out of Koa wood and are hand made in Hawaii.

A special piece of jewelry like this will look amazing while worn and it is something you don’t see everyday making it even more special.

Get ready to be amazed by these Turtle Earrings.

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buy Turtle Crystal Pendant Necklace

Turtle Crystal Pendant Necklace

Turtle Crystal Pendant Necklace

Take a look at this turtle, adorable, cute and full of shiny, sparkling crytals.

This necklace features a very fun and amazing turtle pendant that uses many sparkling crystals to give it a shine that really stands out, a large green crystal forms the back of the turtle and dazzling white crystals for the feet and head.

All of these crystals are set into very durable steel that is finished with a layer of 18 kt. gold, and not only does this turtle pendant come with a chain it also comes inside a cute collectors box that is shaped like a turtle and is made from a soft green velour.

Find your Turtle Crystal Pendant Necklace In Turtle Gift Box.

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buy Penguin Cufflinks

Penguin Cufflinks

penguin cufflinks

These would be perfect on a tux, or any shirt that needs a touch of class – penguin cufflinks.

The little tuxedo penguins with gold tone beaks and feet have been hand painted , complete with red bow tie, they will accessorize any shirt that accommodates cuff links.

The backs are totally gold tone plated, adding a sense of style and aloofness in a penguin kind of way.

Presented in a delightful, ‘satin look’ , hard shell box, these penguin cuff links would be a great gift for any age group or taste, perfect for someone who wants to look well dressed.

Get ready to dress up and wear your new Penguin Cufflinks.

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buy Hawaiian Blue Bead Shark Tooth Necklace

Hawaiian Blue Bead Shark Tooth Necklace

Hawaiian Blue Bead Shark Tooth Necklace.

Nothing says Aloha like a shark tooth hanging aroung your neck.

This is a really cool necklace that has a large shark tooth attached to a light blue beaded necklace giving it a Hawaiian look and feel.

A very durable necklace that measures 18 inches with the shark tooth measuring about 5/8 of an inch perfect for the shark lover to add to their collection.

Put on your Hawaiian Blue Bead Shark Tooth Necklace.

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buy Sea Horse Rhinestone Bracelet

Sea Horse Rhinestone Bracelet

Sea Horse Rhinestone Bracelet

An accessorry to stand out with style and originality.

Here it is, this is an absolutely magnificent bracelet that is in the shape of 2 sea horses wrapped around your wrist.

With very high quality craftmanship there are gleaming rhinestones inlaid around the entire bracelet, and nice big rhinestones to portray the eyes.

With a crocodile style of opening this makes the Sea horse bracelet easy to slip on and off, with the opening measuring 3.5 cm.

Try on this Sea Horse Rhinestone Bracelet.

buy Heart Dog Paw Earrings

Heart Dog Paw Earrings

Check out these stylish and fun looking earrings.

If you are a dog lover then look no further for the perfect pair of earrings, this is a pair of earrings that feature cute little paw prints inside a red heart……Awww, it can’t get more cute.

The pendant charm earrings are shaped like a heart and made from .875″ Aluminum with a very stylish polished-scallop edge and then each entire pendant has a nice gloss finish. The hook is very durable and sturdy as it is made from surgical steel.

Get your Heart Dog Paw Earrings

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buy Tortoise Pendant Necklace

Tortoise Pendant Necklace

Turquoise turtle pendant necklace

Add variety to your jewlery collection with this tortoise pendant necklace.

Turquoise colored stones are set in white colored turtle body which is .75 inch wide, the head is adorned with black stones for eyes.

The chain is 17.5 inches long and is silver tone.

You can feel both confident wearing a lead free and nickel free tortoise pendant necklace and very stylish as well.

If you like turtles then you should have a better look at this Turquoise Turtle Pendant Necklace.

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