fish necklace

Christian Fish Symbol Necklace

Show your devotion with this classic Christian fish symbol necklace.

The Christian fish symbol itself is 1 ” x . 5″ and is set in a neutral silver color .

The chain is an ample 20″ long , made of stainless steal and created with rounded links.

Not only is this Christian fish symbol necklace comfortable to wear but it is nickel free and lead free.

Come have a closer look at this Christian Fish Symbol Necklace.

Crystal Snake Pendant Necklace

Snake crystal necklace

Clear Austrian crystal bedazzle this intriguing snake pendant.

The box chain enhances the serpent which is coiled around himself to gaze upward with jet black crystal Austrian eyes.

The chain itself measures 18 inches, snake is 1 3/4 inches.

This beautiful pendant necklace comes with an exquisite gift box sure to please the recipient.

Go shop for this nice Snake Pendant Necklace.

Silver Horse Necklace

Sterling silver horse necklace

Horse people will love this horse necklace.

This pendant necklace is made out Sterling silver and shows a detailed horse.

A piece of jewelry like this belongs to come with a nice chain so this horse pendant comes with an 18 inch cable chain.
So now you are al set a pendant with a necklace the perfect gift for a horse lover.

Come check out all the details of this Sterling Silver Horse Necklace.

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Lion Head Ring

Lion Ring from the king of the jungle

The lion is the king of the jungle and now you can have the king on your finger.

A lion ring is a nice piece of jewelry for on those days that you like to stand out a bit.

This ring is made of burnished silver and is lead free. The sizes is adjustable so that it will fit your finger.

As you can see on the picture this lion head has something historical over it, it looks old and worn just like it should.

Time to go ring shopping, come get your Lion Head Ring.

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Pug Pendant Necklace

Cute pug necklace

If you like anything pug then you are gone love this pug pendant necklace.

This dog is having a stare at everything you see as it is hanging around you neck.

With a diameter of 1.44 inch this pendant is the perfect size to make this pug come out nicely.

The necklace and pendant are sterling silver plated and UV resistant and waterproof. This of course means that you never have to take this necklace off.

If you like pugs then you have to come have a closer look at this Pug Pendant Necklace.

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Green Rabbit Earrings

Green Rhinestone rabbit earrings

If you like crystals and rabbits then you are in luck.

These cute bunny earrings have a lot of rhinestones on them so they will sparkle nicely in the light.
The white and green crystals make the rabbit really come to life.

If you are thinking of giving yourself a nice little present then have a look at these.

Sprakle the night away with these Rabbit Rhinestone Earrings.

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buy Wolf Black Onyx Ring

Wolf Black Onyx Ring

Men's Wolf Art Ring: The Call Of The Wild

The impressive and powerful wolf symbolizes great strength, and the wolf shows his great strength with a huge howl.

This is a magnificent ring that features a gleaming black onyx stone on the top with a head shot of a wolf in the middle of a howl. On both sides of the ring, you have the wolf howling once again but you get to see the entire body sculpted out of the sterling silver.

Made from sterling silver this wolf ring is titled “The call of the wild” and is a very durable and high-quality ring, with amazing wolf sculptures out of the sterling silver and comes in a custom-designed presentation case.

Get your The Call Of The Wild: Wolf Black Onyx Ring.

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Eagle Talon Black Onyx Pendant Necklace

Majestic Power Genuine Tiger's Eye And Black Onyx Eagle Talon Pendant Necklace

The American Bald Eagle is an inspiring work of art for many, such a magical looking bird.

This is a 20″ sterling silver-plated chain that features a pendant of an eagles talon. Made from a single piece of genuine tiger’s eye stone sculpted to form this amazing replica of an eagle talon, the talon is also crowned by a black onyx stone which has a frame that is plated with 24K-gold. An eagle is set on both with awsome detail of the huge wing span and talons fiercely sticking out.

A perfect way to show off your love for the majestic bald eagle.

Get your Bald Eagle Talon Black Onyx Pendant Necklace.

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buy Yorkie Earrings With Swarovski Crystals

Yorkie Earrings With Swarovski Crystals

For the Yorkie lover who needs accessories to show off their love for their dog.

These are a magnificent pair of earrings that sparkle and shine like no other, drawing attention immediately to them. Made of solid sterling silver that is gold plated with 24K gold and many Swarovski crystals in a mix of white, cocoa and golden blonde to capture the distinctive coat colors of Yorkshire Terriers.  Titled “Best in show”, the Yorkshire terriers are wearing red bows and I’m sure will capture the hearts of many.

Get your Yorkie Earrings With Swarovski Crystals

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