buy Yorkshire Terrier Golf Club Head Cover

Yorkshire Terrier Golf Club Head Cover

Now playing golf will be extra fun all thanks to this Yorkshire Terrier Golf Club Head Cover.

If the Yorkie is your dog of choice and you love to play lots of golf then this is what you need and it does make for a fun present too.

This golf club head cover looks like an adorable dog complete with a pink bow in the hair just like you see often on Yorkies.

And this head cover will fit golf clubs fits up to a 460CC driver.

So now your golf club can be protected by this fun doggy and it also makes it easy to spot the right club you want to use while out playing a round of golf.

Get your Yorkshire Terrier Golf Club Head Cover

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buy Yorkie Christmas Ornament

Yorkie Christmas Ornament

Want a dog in the Christmas tree then you should check out this Yorkie Christmas Ornament.

The ornament shows a Yorkshire terrier all bundled up with a big Santa hat and a nice warm scarf and this dog is also surrounded by snowflakes.

A fun ornament will look great in your tree and besides in round it is available in many other shapes like a star or heart.

A cute yorkie will look extra fun in your holiday tree and will make those green branches look way more festive then being empty.

Come get your Christmas yorkie as every home deserves on.

Get your Yorkie Christmas Ornament

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buy Women’s Springtime Yorkie T-Shirt

Women’s Springtime Yorkie T-Shirt

Yorkshire Terrier women's t-shirt

A Yorkshire terrier is a cute small breed of dog who are very bold, courageous and independent.

If you have a love for yorkie’s you will fall in love with this women’s springtime yorkie t-shirt.

This yorkie t-shirt is a eco water based dye process to make the design a permanent part of the t-shirt and makes the image come to life.

Featuring a cute little Yorkshire terrier on the front sitting in some pretty purple flowers. This image is on the front and back of the t-shirt.

Its also a tagless t-shirt for those of you who always are bothered and itched by tags. Also this yorkie t-shirt come in wide variety of sizes from small to 4XL.

Take your yorkie for a walk in the park and wear this comfortable Women’s Springtime Yorkie T-Shirt.

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buy Yorkie Air Freshener

Yorkie Air Freshener

Gotta love a Yorkie!

This will help with the inside of the vehicle, a yorkie air freshener!

A refreshing linen scent is what this little guy or gal smells like as it hang from the rearview mirror of the vehicle or where ever it is needed.

Three little scented yorkie air fresheners are enclosed in this pack, be sure that the yorkie lover on your gift list gets a pac of these , make the collection complete!

Get your Yorkie Air Freshener

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buy Yorkie Earrings With Swarovski Crystals

Yorkie Earrings With Swarovski Crystals

For the Yorkie lover who needs accessories to show off their love for their dog.

These are a magnificent pair of earrings that sparkle and shine like no other, drawing attention immediately to them. Made of solid sterling silver that is gold plated with 24K gold and many Swarovski crystals in a mix of white, cocoa and golden blonde to capture the distinctive coat colors of Yorkshire Terriers.  Titled “Best in show”, the Yorkshire terriers are wearing red bows and I’m sure will capture the hearts of many.

Get your Yorkie Earrings With Swarovski Crystals

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buy Yorkie Mom Sigg Water Bottle

Yorkie Mom Sigg Water Bottle

Yorkshire Terrier a small toy sized dog, so many owners just love to bring them everywhere.

Now if you can’t bring your cute little Yorkie with you at least you can bring this cool Sigg water bottle and let everyone know that you are a Yorkie Mom. This water bottle features the saying “Yorkie Mom” with the “o” in mom as a paw print…Awww so cute.

Made from the very popular company Sigg you know this water bottle is quality and durable with it’s ultra-lightweight aluminum construction it is crack resistant and of course super cute.

Get your Yorkie Mom Sigg Water Bottle

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