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Penguin Air Freshener

We all know that cars and lockers and things like that easily get a smell that is not nice and that is why they invented those air fresheners that you can hang somewhere.

And if you like penguins then you are in luck because now there is an air freshener that looks like a penguin and does not smell like one. The air freshener is black with a white space that makes it looks like a penguin and yes it has it’s face to. Besides square the air freshener also comes in different shapes including heart shape.

This penguin comes in 5 different scents for you to pick from so that things will smell like something your really like.

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buy Yorkie Air Freshener

Yorkie Air Freshener

Gotta love a Yorkie!

This will help with the inside of the vehicle, a yorkie air freshener!

A refreshing linen scent is what this little guy or gal smells like as it hang from the rearview mirror of the vehicle or where ever it is needed.

Three little scented yorkie air fresheners are enclosed in this pack, be sure that the yorkie lover on your gift list gets a pac of these , make the collection complete!

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