buy Lobster Flip Flops

Lobster Flip Flops

It is time for the pool or beach so why not blend in with a sweet pair of flip flops that are literally covered in lobsters.

On the top of these flip flops, you will see a white background with multiple images of red detailed lobsters from the big claws right down to the little antenna feelers.

The lobster flip flops are available in a huge variety of sizes. Women’s sizes 4 to 13 and Men’s sizes 3 to 12. You can choose from either white or black colors for the sole and thong on your classic lobster sandals, and check out the kid’s style too.

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buy Lobster Claw Hands

Lobster Claw Hands

Lobster Claw Hands

Lobster hands! Lobster hands! Who doesn’t need a pair of lobster hands?

When you want to dress up as Dr John A. Zoidberg, the lobster-like alien staff doctor at Planet Express from the TV series Futurama, you will definitely need to wear these lobster claws on your hands.

These red latex mittens with moveable pinchers look like cooked lobster claws and will fit most adult hands. They come in a set of two and measure 14 ½” long.

If you planning a seafood meal over the holidays, surprise your friends when you wear these funny lobster claw mitts.

You don’t need to have boring human hands any more when you can have these Lobster Claw Hands.

inflatable lobster toy

Inlatable Lobster

This Lobster toy is actually inflatable. It is bright red , just like a real lobster and watches your every move with his jet black eyes. Look out for his giant Lobster claws, don’t want to get pinched by those, he is so lifelike.

He is a brute measuring 7.8 x 5 x 0.6 inches ; 9 ounces in weight.

This inflatbale toy Lobster is suitable for age 3 and up and perfect for anyone dreaming of the sea.

If you like to play with a lobster in the pool or use one for decoration you just need this Inflatable Lobster.

Lobster Apron

Lobster apron

How about cooking a lobster?

If you are planning to then i would suggest a nice apron to go with it.

This apron shows a nice picture of a red lobster on it.

You can get this apron in 3 colors being: Yellow, White and khaki.

Also the apron is available in different lengths and styles.

And even though i could never dump a lobster in boiling water this apron looks pretty nice to me.

Check out this nice Lobster Apron.

Lobster Shoes

Lobster shoes

How about a pair of shoes with lobsters printed on them.

I guess you real need to love your seafood to wear them.

These shoes are blue but the front top is white with red lobsters printed all over them.

You can get these quality lobster shoes in women’s sizes 5 – 13.

Get ready for sea with these Lobster Shoes.