buy Peacock Feather Binder

Peacock Feather Binder

School work, photo’s, bills and other stuff all can be stored in a binder but of course you want one that looks great and does the job right.

This binder made by Avery offers everything you expect from a binder and even comes in different spine sizes and different ring configurations.

And this binder also looks great. The binder has front to back coverage of a peacock feather. Yes the whole thing is just one giant peacock feather in all it’s amazing colors.

Just imagine having this fun binder at school or even at work. People will look at it and think wow I want one to.

Get your Peacock Feather Binder

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buy A Tiger Binder With Personal Message On The Side

A Tiger Binder With Personal Message On The Side

Avery binder with a Tiger on it

Looking for that one binder that is amazing for work or school because it has a tiger on it?

No need to keep looking as this is the one.

This binder made by Avery shows a tiger on the front and back and it looks like he protects what is in this binder or at least to me the tiger looks like he is gone eat you.

On the side the spine is black but at no extra cost it will be printed with the info you want on it. It could be your name, subject or anything else.

Come take a better look at this amazing Tiger Binder.

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buy I Love Horses Binder

I Love Horses Binder

Binders for school or work don’t have to be boring.

This binder you can personalize and has a picture of a horse on the front.

And you can change the text on the front, back and spine of this binder. So you can make it perfect for your needs.

Instead of having “homework” on the side it could have your name or your favorite subject for school.

This binder is made by Avery and comes in different thicknesses and ring size so that you can get the binder you really need.

Get your I Love Horses Binder

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buy Rabbit Stapler

Rabbit Stapler

bunny stapler

Everyone need a stapler at work, school and even at home.

Why use a plain boring looking stapler all the time when you can use a cool stapler that looks like a cute little bunny.

This cool white rabbit stapler is in the shape of a rabbit with its cute little ears sticking up.

The cute bunny stapler is compatible fro the  use of 24/6 and 26/6 sized staples and its dimensions are 5″ x 1.25″ x 4.2″ in size so it won’t take up much space on you desk or in your drawer.

Start to staple your homework, documents, or crafting with this cute Rabbit Stapler.

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buy Beagle Magnetic Notepad

Beagle Magnetic Notepad

Beagle Pag shaped Magnetic Notepad

Do you always have a hard time remember Doctors, dentist, or even things from the grocery store? If you do the Beagle magnetic notepad is the item for you.

This dog notepad is die cut in the shape of a paw, lined super sticky notepad, that includes 50 sheets of adhesive paper, and only 5″ x 4.75″ in size. The perfect size to stick on your refrigerator and don’t take up much space.

So if you are a dog lover this will be great for you. Help yourself remember your things on your to do list on a daily basis with this Beagle Magnetic Notepad.

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buy Frog Tape Dispenser

Frog Tape Dispenser

Frog Tape Dispenser

It’s time to do some arts and crafts …. and if you love to do this then everything you have is an art and craft in itself.

this is a super cool tape dispenser that is the shape of a cute frog, with great color and detail the tape rests inside the back of the frog and the tape cutter is on the end of the frogs toungue which is sticking out nice and far.

A fun practical item that will get smiles every time and will look great at home or in the office, measures 3-inches x 5-inches x 2-1/2-inches.

Get sticky with the Frog Tape Dispenser.

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buy Kitten Stapler

Kitten Stapler

Cute Cat stapler

A kitty stapler may help with the finishing or at least the anticipation of finishing the school projects or those projects at home.

Orange kitty tabby cat is perched on the top of a small 5″ x 3.75 ” stapler, cute face looking at the person who is ready to staple away!

Easy to handle in , this desk size stapler takes regular sized staples and comes complete with enough for the first few times of use.

This cat stapler is made of plastic and light enough to toss in a backpack for those ‘on the go’ times at school where everybody will be looking to ‘borrow’ your stapler.

Get this fun Tabby Cat Stapler.

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buy Owl Notepad

Owl Notepad

owl notepad

Who ever has enough notepads?

Big owl eyes stare back at you from this owl note pad providing 50 sheets for doodling fun.

The size of this notepad is 7.6 x 6 x 0.3 inches, and can fit in a backpacks, briefcase or on your counter quite nicely.

Be sure to remember the collector, the birthdays coming up and the many places in your home that could use this helpful owl notepad. And this notepad is even shaped like an owl.

If you like cute owl things then you just have to have this Owl Shaped Notepad.

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buy Duck LED Ballpoint Pen

Duck LED Ballpoint Pen

Ducky Ballpoint pen with sound and build in light

Yes a cute yellow duck is part of this ballpoint pen.

And this pen is not just a regular pen no it is much more. First off the pen has a ducks head on top witch can quake like a real duck and it has a LED light build in to it’s beak.

Of course you can write with it to and the retractable  pen will write in black.

If you want a special pen that people will smile at then you have to get this Duck LED Ballpoint Pen.